Complete Wix vs WordPress Comparison

Wix vs WordPress Comparison: One of the most discussed topics today is the difference between creating a website using the Wix service and creating a website with WordPress.

Wix vs WordPress Comparison
Wix vs WordPress Comparison

To begin, I will clarify a little about what each one is.

Wix is a monthly subscription service that allows anyone to create their website without prior technical knowledge.

On the other hand, WordPress is an open source CMS (Content Management System) software , which also allows you to create your website, and requires a certain level of technical knowledge.

Based on this introduction, I will explain, from my point of view, the pros and cons of each one, focusing on key points for a successful website.


Wix vs WordPress Comparison


Wix is certainly very easy to use. For a beginner who wants a quick website, it is a good option.

Only with dragging elements to the work area, without further complication, you can have a website armed in a short time.

Technical details such as Web Hosting and Domain are in the background, because you will not have to worry about that.


WordPress is also easy to use, but it requires a little more technical knowledge to understand what we are doing.

On technical issues such as hosting and domain, you need to have a basic knowledge to start your website.

It should be noted that there are plugins for WordPress that allow us to create our websites by dragging the elements in a similar way to Wix.


Wix is much easier to use than WordPress. Indisputable point for Wix.

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Website Development


It offers many templates with good design. Apart from the templates, it has many extensions to add functionalities to your website.

What you can do with your website is limited to the extensions and options that Wix can provide. It should be noted that the Wix team tries to keep up to date by offering its users all kinds of options to extend the functionality of your website.


With the necessary technical knowledge, you have no limitations. If you have an idea in mind, some custom design, some specific functionality, suqrely you can get it with WordPress. Are You Liking This “Wix vs WordPress Comparison“.


When we talk about flexibility, WordPress, without a doubt, is the best option. WordPress has no limitations for what we want to do with our website. With Wix we must adjust to the resources that they offer us. There are many resources that Wix offers, but I give my point to WordPress, because for creativity we should not have limitations.

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A few years ago, there were many complaints from users about the performance of a website made in Wix.

The Wix team has worked hard on this topic, it is a top priority to have a quick website to appear in the first places of Google.

Wix has its own optimization system for code and images, and the results have been positive.


Keeping in mind that WordPress requires a little more knowledge, in order to have an optimal website, some manual work is necessary.

With the ability we have to modify even the smallest detail, a well done optimization work, will have results far superior to those of Wix.


WordPress undoubtedly offers more flexibility when it comes to optimizing our website. However, if we do not know what we are doing, it can be counterproductive.

With Wix we should not worry and let the platform take care of this. It’s a difficult decision, but assuming we know what we do in WordPress, this one wins the point. If not, definitely Wix is a better option.

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Search engine optimization


When we touch on SEO, the doors of a new digital world open.

A few years ago, Wix sites made in Flash had a hard time trying to climb positions in Google searches.

Recently this has changed, since when working with HTML5 and CSS templates, Google is able to index the information contained in these sites.

I have seen several Wix sites with good positions in Google.

Wix provides several extensions to improve the SEO of the page.


WordPress, comes from optimized package for search engines. Without much competition in keywords, surely without additional work excellent positions in Google will be achieved. But the reality is not always so good, because in most cases we will always have competition to climb positions in Google.

This is where we have professional plugins such as Yoast and All in One SEO . By using these plugins, we have tools to make our website stay in an excellent position in Google. WordPress vs Wix is Amazing Topic to Discuss For Beginners.


If you have strong competition, it is best to have control over every aspect of your site.

With flexibility and no limitations in coding, WordPress is the best option if we seek to have better positioning in Google than the competition.

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Website Structure


When we talk about design, the Wix team has done an excellent job creating beautiful templates. Using prefabricated templates, and making changes to the content to your liking, you can have an attractive website for your visitors and achieve your goals.

However, without having knowledge about UI/UX (User Interface / User Experience), despite having very nice templates, the result of your site may not be what you expected.

If your brand has a very personalized touch, it will be very difficult for you to reflect it.

Besides, do not be surprised if you see several competing websites very similar to yours.


When it comes to design, there are many prefabricated templates too. WordPress to have contributors worldwide, has a wide selection that can be adjusted to what we really look for and always keeps up with the latest design trends and web functionality.

More than templates, they are frameworks. With a single template you can create an infinite number of designs.

With the ability we have to modify code, these templates can be adjusted to highlight what we really look for on our website.


A user without an understanding of UI/UX – Full Form “User Interface” and “User Experience”, may end up creating a website that is not attractive to visitors causing a bad impression in the seriousness of the business and may go to the competition .

While it is true, WordPress requires more technical knowledge than Wix, but the ability it gives us to customize each aspect of the page gives it the advantage.

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Wix vs WordPress Comparison


Wix offers a free subscription, but taking into account that you will not have the name of your company. Your website will be something like this: “www.wix.com/Real-Tips”

There are also paid options, where you must tie a credit card to the account. There are several plans depending on the need you have.

The collection of your site can be done on a monthly or annual basis.

You will not have to worry about paying hosting services, domain, etc. since everything is included in the subscription that you have active. Click to Check Wix Plan Prices.


Installing WordPress has no cost. You can download it and install it on your machine. But this is just the half of the story.

In order for your website to be available on the Internet, you need to hire a hosting service, which is paid annually. This service will take care of hosting your WordPress installation and the page you create with it.

We have the flexibility to choose the hosting that we want to use. There are thousands of plans and prices to choose from. Click to Check WordPress Plan Details and Prices.


In the costs, I would say that it is a draw. Everything will depend on many factors, among them, what plan has been contracted with Wix, what hosting plan we hire for Worpress, etc. The important thing is the amount of traffic your website manages and the flexibility you need.

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Each of these platforms to develop your website has its pros and cons. It is essential to analyze many factors before making a decision to choose one or the other. My opinion is that if you are starting and just want to have a small space on the Internet for your business, Wix is a good option. However, if you are looking to take advantage of your online presence, WordPress is the way to go.

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