Top 5 Ways Get Unique Content/Article [Free] 2019


How to Create Content For Website or Blog | These Days Its Really Hard To Write Content Because of Lack of Time So Here Are Top 5 Tips And Tricks To Generate Unique Article Or How to Write SEO Friendly Article For Your Website or Blog in 2019 | Step by Step Guide

Plagiarism Can Really Affect Your Website SEO and Your Google Adsense Account | So We Will Focus on SAFE and Legal Way To Generate Unique And Seo Friendly Article or Posts For Websites.


  1. Best Way To Check Plagiarism
  2. Top Ways To Generate Unique Articles
  3. How to Rewrite Content/Article [Best Way]
  4. How to Create Content For Website

1 STEP : How to Check Plagiarism – This Plagiarism Checking Website is Free And No Signup Required. You Can Check Unlimited Article’s For Plagiarism Or Duplicate Contents . Lets Take a Look at Features.

  1. 1000 Words per Search
  2. You Can Also Upload a Document: (.docx/.txt)
  3. You Can Get Files From Cloud (Dropbox/Google Drive)
  4. It Can Check Plagiarism via Webpage URL
  5. It Can Check Grammar Also

We are Just Talking About Plagiarism Feature in This Website Because This Website Provides Other Features Too Like Rewrite article’s , SEO Checker, Reverse Image Search , Internet Speed Test, And Many More .. When You Check 1000 Words Plagiarism First it Will Show You How Many Percentage is Unique and how much is Plagiarism. Then You Can See Result As Sentence wise and Matched sources And Also Document View With Sentence Wise You Will See Each Sentence in List View You Will Get Info And You Can Check Each Sentence’s Real Source Too. In Next Step We Will Discuss How to Fix This Too. In Matched Source You Will See How much Your Content Match With Other Sources on Internet With Percentage . So You Can Make Few Changes and Fix This Too . – You Can Say This is Better Than smallseotools’s Plagiarism Test But There are More Restrictions And Features

  1. You Need To Signup to Check Plagiarism(We Will Bypass)
  2. 500 Words per Search
  3. It Provide Deep Search (It Take 1-2 Min To Complete)
  4. You Can Put Title of Your Article Too For Checking
  5. You Can Check Your Reports Anytime it will be Saved

Quetext is Really Good if You Want Really Deep Search on Plagiarism But It is Limited to Maybe 3-4 Searches Per Day/ Or Per Session | To Fix This Follow These Steps –

  1. Go To
  2. You Will Get Your Temporary E-Mail Address
  3. Use This on You Quetext Signup
  4. No Conformation Required if Required Then You Will Get Mail on You Temp-Mail Inbox And Click Complete .
  5. Thats it No Need to Wait For A Day To Check Plagiarism Deep Search

2 STEP : how to create content for website

Article creator – This is A Free Content Generator Website You Can Generate Unlimited Article’s | No Signup Required | It Will Just Ask Keyword (On Which You Can Your Content) Language (Choose Any in Which You Want It) In Free Version You Can Only Generate 3 Articles Per Search ( Not And Issue) In Paid Version You Can Make it Really Unique( But We Will Make Anything Unique No Problem) And You Can Generate Upto 10 Articles Per Search | Article Creator is Amazing and it will also provides Images in posts and other thing |

Article generator – This is Also Same As Article Creator Nothing Much Changed But As Per My Research There is Some Changes Like I Tested Same keyword on Both of Them And Get 3-3 Articles They Were’t Same So You Can Use Any Features Are Same Just Bit of Tweaks in The Scripts | Article Generator Also Has Paid Version

3 STEP : How to Rewrite Content/Article [Best Way]

SPINBOT – This is Amazing Tool To Create Any Article to Unique | No Signup Required | Nothing At All | You Can Rewrite 10,000 Words Per Search And You Can Check The Plagiarism And It Will Be Unique 100% | This is Really Smart AI it Changes Some Words Like Amazing To Astonishing Like This | But Also This Will Not Destroy Your Content | People Will Still Get Same Thing But in UNIQUE Way |

ArticleRewritertool – This Website is Also Same As SpinBot But Few Changes in AI | You Can Choose Any of Them | BUT There is No Word Limit Like in SpinBot You Can Rewrite or Make Anything Unique No Matter Word Limit | Spinbot Use Captcha And ArticleRewritertool Use Math Captcha |

Quillbot – This is Best of All of Them | It is SMARTEST of All of Them | For Making Anything Creative You Need to Signup Use The Method I Gave Above to Create Temporary Email And Do Your Work | The Word Limit is 700 Words Per Search | There is Two Type of Plagiarism 1. Standard(A Middle Ground Between Changing The Input And Keeping The Meaning) 2. Creative ( Changes The Sentence The Most But Make it UNIQUE) Side by Side Quillbot Aslo Check Grammar Errors For Free


There Are Various Ways to Get Content Like You Can Check STEP 2 | If You Want More Then Follow Me |

FIRSTYOUTUBE Yes You Heard Right You Can Get Content From Youtube And Change it Into Article Form Easily Using DIYCAPTIONS This Is Amazing Website to Fetch Youtube Subtitles . There Are More Youtube Subtitle Downloader Like DOWNSUB , LILSUBS , But Why I Like This One ? Because We Don’t Have To Download Subtitle To See . This Will Show Subtitle in Article Form Easily. Just Put The Youtube Video Link Then Hit GO . It Will Show Which Subtitle You Want to Read or Download (Don’t Choose Auto-Generated) Choose Others . And After that Do Plagiarism Test If it Fits Right Then Use it Otherwise Check STEP 3 And You Are Good to Go.


SECOND – Expired Domains Yes You Can Get Content From Expired Domains . Go To ExpiredDomains Then Pick Any Domain From There Or You Can Use GoDaddy Expired Domains Too Just Fill Keyword Which You Want in Domain Like SEO . So You Will Get Results of SEO Expired Domains After Choosing Any Domain Then .

Go To ARCHIVE Then Paste That Domain And You Will Get Result And Then Select a time where the cloud (which represents indexing frequency) is mostly condensed. By selecting a date in the timeline, you will actually be able to visit the website. Load the website into a different tab. Now open the pages full of contents one by one. Thats it

You Can Also Get Free Help From Real-Tips Just Comment Below Of Go To Our Contact Page And Let us Know in which Keyword You Want an Article We Will Personally Write Your Content For Free And Within 1 Day | This is Limited Time Offer Hope You Like This Article Don’t Forget to Hit Subscribe And Like Also Share With Friends It Will Help Them Too

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