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Best IELTS Preparation Tips – Reading, Speaking, Writing, Listening [Without Coaching]


Best IELTS Tips [2019]

Do you want to get 6.5 bands or more in your first attempt and without any coaching IELTS? I’m sure the answer is yes, and We have a piece of good news for you – it’s possible! With Top IELTS Tips.

After Studying with Lots of IELTS Centers, Online, etc, We realized that many naive children are being robbed in the name of IELTS Coaching And Fake Tips. Your time is being wasted, money is sinking, Also That Tips Destroy Your Base of IELTS. Which should not be.

Today I have some useful suggestions for those students who are preparing for the IELTS exam. Let’s Get Started with Top IELTS Tips.

Remember These Things about IELTS:

  1. This is a test of your English language ability, which is mandatory for entering a good course.
  2. It is easy to enter countries like Canada if your English is good.
  3. Paying attention to IELTS books and IELTS practice centers alone is not the best way to prepare for the exam.

Do this for IELTS:

  1. Prepare for 1-2 hours every day, in more than two months you will be ready for IELTS.
  2. Buy official And Genuine IELTS books only.
  3. You do not have to go to the IELTS Classes when your preparation can be Done By Sitting At Home.

Prepare by yourself, your IELTS bands may be better. On No. 1 List of Top IELTS Tips is Listening.


Check out any English movie channel to improve this area. This will give you great practice. If possible, listen to English songs and watch English news channels. You can also watch a different YouTube video every day. The best is that you listen to English speakers while speaking English.


  1. Improve your Basic listening skills.
  2. Polish your topic vocabulary.


  1. Word types(Check Which Word Fits The Best)
  2. Don’t loose attention (Stay Focused)
  3. Don’t write answers too quickly.
  4. Check for small mistakes.
  5. Transfer answers accurately.
  6. Don’t leave any blank answers.


You read daily English newspapers like Times of India and The Tribune or The Hindu etc. Whichever is Good in Your Country (Ask us in Comments) from beginning to end. This will improve your vocabulary and grammar. While reading, you should underline the important dates, events and people’s names, because many questions are based on IELTS. It is important for you to manage time during the IELTS Test. If you are unable to get the answer to the question, then leave it and go to the next, you can always come back. Many times the easiest questions are in the end, so try reading the entire paper. Ielts Blog.


  1. Don’t Expect to Know Every Word in Test.
  2. Train your Mind For reading skills NOT your IELTS skills.
  3. Read the instructions VERY carefully.
  4. Never Ever Panic.
  5. It’s Just a vocabulary test.
  6. Time is Money (Use Efficiently)
  7. Ignore anything you already know about the topics.
  8. Practice From slow and fast.
  9. Be careful while transferring your answers.
  10. Leave no blanks(There is No Cut Marks For Wrong Answer)


You Can start your blog. Nowadays writing a blog and putting it on Facebook is very easy. You can write any essay related to IELTS, post to your blog, and then ask your friends in English to comment on them. If you want you can search “sample IELTS essays” on Google and use them for reference. (You Can Ask Us To Check Your Essays For Free)

Top 10 Common IELTS Essay Topics (With Sub-Categories)

  1. Arts (Creativity, art at School, Funding, Benefits of arts for an Individual and Society)
  2. Money & Business (Large vs Small Business, Family Run Business, International Business, Success in Business, Technology, Knowledge vs Skill in Business)
  3. Personality And Communication (Communication & Technology, Types of Communication, Male/Female Characters, Long Distance vs Face to Face Communication)
  4. Punishment and Crime (Rehabilitation vs Prison, Capital Punishment vs Other Punishments, Duties of Policemen, Crime and Technology)
  5. Economics (Credit Card vs Cash, Spending vs Savings, Economy, and Globalization, Worlds Economic Issues)
  6. Education (Relevant Subjects, Role of Teachers, Child and Education, Funding, Rules in schools, Technology and education)
  7. Environment (Animals, Zoos, Environmental Issues, Individual vs Government Roles, Saving Environment)
  8. Children and Family (Family Size, Discipline, Role Models, Education and Family, Family Roles)
  9. Food (Healthy Diet, Child, and Diet, Junk Food, Modern vs Traditional Diets, Education of Diet)
  10. Health (Prevention vs Cure, Rich and Poor Countries, Funding, Obesity, Hospitals and Treatments, Health Aid)

Speaking (Best IELTS Tips)

Catch any person or friend in your family, who can speak English. Interact with them for half an hour in English every day. It will not be the advantage of attaining before the examination, which will happen. It is not necessary that you talk about IELTS, you talk about everything that you do every day like cricket and movies, but do it in English. If you make a mistake then do not worry, everyone does it, you keep on trying and finally, the victory will be yours.


  1. Fantastic (“They Did a Fantastic Job”)
  2. Amazing (“He Makes The Most Amazing Pasta”)
  3. Absurd (“Gym Shorts looked Absurd on Such a Tall Boy/Girl”)
  4. Unbelievable (“Your Collection of Songs is Unbelievable”)
  5. Intelligent (“He is So Intelligent and Hardworking”)
  6. Annoyed (“Jim Was Annoyed With Her”)
  7. Gorgeous (“Such a Gorgeous Color and exquisite decoration”)
  8. Brilliant (“You Are a Brilliant Young English Speaker”)
  9. Monotonous (“Then We Heard a Low, Monotonous Wailing of Many Voices”)
  10. Efficient (“Its an energy efficient Air Conditioning System”)



Keep Trying

Keep these suggestions in mind for IELTS and try to give your best. Prepare and you will soon get your goal.

* Take proper sleep at night before the exam

* Reach an hour before the examination centre time.

* Do not panic and do your paper with a cool mind.

Hope this Top IELTS Tips will prove to be useful for your IELTS exam. Let Us Know in Comments Below. If You Need IELTS Latest Notes Or Anything. We Would Love To Help You Guys [Free] Also, Share This With Your Friends Who Are Planning For IELTS. Maybe This Would Help Them Crack IELTS.

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