How to Vote #India, Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Welcome to Real-Tips, This Article Will Teach You “How to Vote in India” & “How To Register For Vote Online in India”. Side by Side, Much Other Important Information for New Voters on Election Day at Polling Booth. Read This Article And Let Us Know What Do You Think About #India Future?

How to Vote in India

Valid Id Proof To Vote in #India:-

  1. Voter ID card
  2. Passport
  3. Driver’s license
  4. An ID card for central or state government employees.
  5. A photo ID card issued by public limited companies etc.

Note: You can vote on this condition that your name is in the Voter List (also called Voter List).

Today is the second phase of voting. Voting is going on for 95 seats in this phase. Today we are going to tell you how you can vote. The most important thing is that your name should be in the voter list. This is the first condition of voting. You can vote on this condition that your name is in the Voter List (also called Voter List).

Voters can also see polling booths, candidates contesting elections, dates and times of election, identity card and EVM information.

How to Vote in India

How to Vote in India

1 Step: Polling Official/Incharge will first check your name in the official voter list. After this, your ID proof will be checked. So do not forget to take ID proof when going to vote.

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2 Step: Valid ID Proof to Vote is voter ID card, passport, driver’s license, center or state government employees, photo ID card issued by public limited companies in ID proof. A smart card issued under NPR by Pass Book, PAN Card, RGI with Photo, issued by Bank or Post Office, MGNREGA Card, Health Insurance Smart Card issued by the Labor Ministry, Pension Documents with Photo, MPs / MLAs / Official ID card and Aadhar Card issued for MLCs.

3 Step: After this, the polling official will bring Ink on your finger as well as You have to sign on a register (Form 17A).

4 Step: After this, You Have to Deposit Your Slip to the third polling officer and He will Check your ink containing finger. After this, you will go to the booth.

5 Step: By going to the booth, you have to press the button in front of the symbol of the candidate Whom you wants to vote. Then, A beep will be heard when you press the button.

6 Step: You will see a slip in the VVPAT machine display. In it, the name and image will appear for 7 seconds with the serial number of the candidate.

7 Step: If you do not want to vote for any candidate. Then you can Press the NOTA button. The Last Button in EVM machine.

8 Step: Moving Further, It is forbidden to Take the Mobile phone, Camera, Electronic Devices, etc. Inside The Polling Booth.

9 Step: No one else can come to your place to Use your vote.

10 Step: If you want more information than this, you can go to ecisveep.nic.in.

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What are the voting timings? 

Voting Time 2019

The time allotted for voting is:

  1. In General From 07:00 AM to 06:00 PM
  2. In North Eastern region From 07:00 AM to 05:00 PM
  3. From 07:00 AM to 04:00 PM in Manipur & Nagaland
  4. Some other constituencies From 07:00 AM to 04:00 PM

To find out the poll hours for your constituency, you can go to the Election Commission website: Click Here

Which Form to Fill To Enroll Your Vote in #India

How to Vote in Hindi

How to Register Vote in India

How to Register Vote in India

Facilities for persons with disabilities on election day

How to Vote in India

How EVM Machine Works

How EVM Works

Whom to Vote? Things You Should Be Aware of Before Voting.

Hope You Got it “How to Vote in India”. This is the Easiest Way. Just #Vote. Because It’s Your Right Which You Get Once every 5 Years. Don’t Waste it or Sell Your Vote! That’s a Crime. Just Close Your Eyes And Think Where Do You Think Your Kids Would Live? This Place or Better? If Someone Pays You That means They are Going to Take All The Money Back After Winning Elections.

Vote For Those Who is Educated. Also, Vote For That Party or Person Which You Know is Doing Good Work in Your City or Village. Don’t be Blind This Time. As Per Election Commission of India, Every Facility is Available at Polling Booth. For Example – Water, Clean Place, Easy to Vote, Electricity, etc.

Check Vote Online

Hope You Like This Article. If You Still Need Help Regarding Anything Related to Voting in India. Comment Below. For Example – If You Have Something Missing, Not Understood, etc. Share This With Your Friends And Family And Tell Them to Go and Vote for #INDIA.

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