Ever Wished To Have Own Cloud Storage Server ??

Create Cloud Storage With Ubuntu 2019

Then Today You Can Create Your Cloud Storage Server With No Storage Limits Like Dropbox Or Any Other Services.

We will Use OwnCloud To Create Our Personal Cloud Server.

Requirements :

  • Ubuntu Server (Download From Here)​
  • PC with Good HDD Space (If You Want To Build Cloud With Large Capacity.​
  • Good Internet Connection (You Can Also Make It Publicly Accessible) ​

If You Didn’t Install Ubuntu Then Install It First Then Follow Below Steps.

Step – 1: Log In To ROOT Account.

Step – 2: Type Following Command.

Code :

sh -c "echo 'deb http://download.owncloud.org/download/repositories/stable/Ubuntu_15.10/ /' >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/owncloud.list" 

Step – 3: Then Following Command.

Code :

wget -nv https://download.owncloud.org/download/repositories/stable/Ubuntu_15.10/Release.key -O Release.key 

This Will Get Repository Key For OwnCloud.

Step – 4: Now Add Downloaded Repository Key By Executing Following Command.

Code :

apt-key add - < Release.key 

Step – 5: Now Update Server To Refresh Added Repository.

Code :

apt-get update 

Step – 6: Now We Are Ready To Install OwnCloud By Executing Following Command.

Code :

apt-get install owncloud 

Step – 7: It Will Ask To Enter Password Of MySQL Root Account.

 Type Confirm Password.

– After Completing Installation, You Need To Go To Web browser of Network PC.

Step – 8: 
Now Enter URL in following manner.

It Will Show Window Like Below.
– Enter Username And Password For Admin Account.

Step -9:
– Now Select ‘Storage& Database‘.
– Then Select MySQL/MariaDB Tab.
– Enter username root and it’s password. Then give database name.
– Click On Finish Setup.

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Done!! You have Successfully Created Cloud Storage Server.

– Following Window Shows That How You Can Access Your Cloud Server.

Now You Are Ready To Use Your Cloud Storage Server.

You Can Enable Port Forwarding To Use Your Server Publicly.

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Ask Me If You Got Any Questions.


Question – Can the storage be linked to a website like lets say i can create links to specific files and share with people for them to download?

Answer – Yes, You Can Share Your Uploads to other website. But For That You Have To Port Forward

Question – Any guide or tutorial on port forwarding to access it outside my network.

Answer – Go To Your Router Settings.. You’ll See Something Like Port Triggering/Port Forwarding. Enter IP And PORT Details. You Are Good To Go

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