Temporary Email Address is a Throwaway Email Address, These Days Lots of People use Disposable Email For Various Purposes. In This Article, We Have Covered About Top 16 Sites for Temporary Email Address and All FAQ About Temp Email. Also, Pros and Cons of Disposable Email and Why, Where, How to Use Throwaway Emails.

Are you Scared of Getting Your Private Information Leaked? Fed up From Promotional Scam Mails? Don’t Know a Website is Safe or Not? Want to Be Anonymous over the Internet? if You Have These Concerns then You Must Use Temporary Email (Fake or Disposable Email).

Website for Temporary Email Address

They are Completely Untraceable and Using Temporary Mailbox Avoids getting your Information Leaked and Stops Spams and other Things Mentioned in This Article. Also, Read on Wikipedia About Disposable Email Address.

Lets Start with Some Basics of Temporary Email Address, Lots of People Still Doesn’t Know About Temporary Emails and it’s Usage. Let’s get Started without Wasting Time.

What is Disposable Temporary E-mail?

Temporary Email – Also Known as Disposable Emails, Temp Email, Throwaway Email, Fake Email, Trash Mail and More. It’s a Service which you can Use to Send and Receive Emails without Registration. Using Disposable Emails Your Identity would be Completely Anonymous, Safe and Secure. These Days there are Tons of Online Services to Create a Temporary Email Address, We Have Covered the Top List Below.

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Currently, Every Website, Social Media, Blogs and Other Online Services Asks Users for Email Verification. That’s Necessary Because of Increasing Number of Spams and Hackers. One Should Use Temporary Email For These Purposes:-

  1. Email Verification
  2. To Download Files
  3. Comment (Require Email)
  4. Identity Verification
  5. Testing Purposes
  6. Sending Anonymous Mail
  7. Shopping Websites
  8. Online Forums
  9. One-Time Usage
  10. Instant Email Requirement
  11. & Many More.

Accept this as Example: You might need to give somebody an email address without uncovering your character. Or then again you might need to sign up for a site or web service yet you are worried that the site will send you to spam later on. Here You Should Use Disposable Email Address.

How to Create a Temporary Email Address?

Time Needed : 05 minutes

Usage of <strong>Disposable Email</strong> is As Easy as Flipping Page of a Book. This Could be Done with just 3 Steps as Mentioned Below.

  1. Open Website

    Open Any Temporary Email Generating Website, List is Below.

  2. Enter Email

    Enter any Desired Email & Choose Extension( Some Sites Automatically Generates Email)

  3. Copy and Use

    Copy the Temporary Email and Use Anywhere. You will Receive Mails on the Same Page.

  • Temporary Email
  • Web Browser
  • Internet

Benefits of Temporary Email

There are Various Benefits of Using a Disposable Email Address as Mentioned Below.

1. Email Verification

Nowadays Nearly Every Social Media or Other Website Requires Email Verification, You Can Get Access to Those Sites by Using Throwaway Email Address.

2. Shopping Online

Every time you Try to Shop Online it Requires your Email and After that, you Gets Daily Tons of Annoying Promotional Mails, Which Results in Spamming your Mailbox. to Prevent this just Use Temporary Email Address.

3. Instant Usage

When you Try to Create an Email Address it Requires tons of Personal Information like Name, DOB, Address, Phone Number, Captcha, Verification and More. Use Temporary Email Instead which Doesn’t Require a Single Information. It Keeps your Identity Anonymous.

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4. No Spams

As in Temporary Email Address, you Don’t Receive any Spam Because Its Algorithm is Made like That. You Need No Worry of Spams of any kind. It’s Completely Safe and Anonymous.

5. No Hacking

Hacker Usually tries to Steal your Personal Information from Your Email Address and Can Access your every Account. Using Temp Email it’s Completely impossible to Hack Because You Haven’t Gave any Data to anyone and your Data is never stored over any servers.

6. Password

5 out of 10 People Forget their Email Password, Using Temporary Email you don’t need a password. Because it doesn’t require one.

7. Signup for rewards

Many Shopping and Food Sites offer to Sign Up Deals, As with Regular Email you can’t Get Another Deal. By Using Throwaway Email You Can Get Deals & Offers as You Had when you First Shop. Also, You Don’t have to Worry about Promotional Mails.

8. Secure Personal Information

Your Identity is Completely Anonymous in Temporary Email. The reason is Firstly Disposable Email Doesn’t Require any information to access and your Emails are also Automatically Deleted in Short Period of Time.

Who Use Temporary Email Address?

As You Read the Benefits of Temporary Email Address Above, Many People Use Temp Mail As Mentioned Below.

1. Ordinary People (To Avoid Spam)

These Days Everyone Uses Temporary Email in Daily Life, There are Various Reasons for that. Scammers use Various kind of Techniques to Scam People via Emails, Here Comes usage of Temporary Email. You Don’t Need to Worry About Hacking, Spams, Phishing, etc.

2. Protect Privacy

Everyone wants their Privacy to be Safe and Anonymous at some point Because Hackers can Misuse their Digital Identity to do Many kinds of Scams. People use Throwaway Emails to Stay Safe and Anonymous.

3. Developers

Its 100% True that lots of Developer of every kind use Temporary Email Address instead of their actual real Email, They Know How People can Misuse their Digital Identity. Also, They Use Temp Mails for Testing Their Products and Services of any kind.

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Now You See, Everyone Uses Temporary Email Address these Days. It’s the most Secure and Convenient way to Protect Privacy and Get Other Benefits as Mentioned Above. Click to Know Benefits of Using Disposable Email.

List of Best Temporary Email Address Generating Sites

1. 10MinuteMail


10 Minute Mail is a Great Site When You Don’t to Create or Use Your Personal Email Address. This Site Generates Throw Away Temporary Email Address to be Used For 10 Minutes and then Expires and Gives You New One.

10MinuteMail is Highly Useful for those Sites which Requires Email Address Validation or Even Some Website’s Require Email Verification to Let You Download Files, Docs, etc.

The Process is Really Easy, Just Head Over to 10minutemail and Copy the Email Address which is Automatically Generated. Also, Check the Expire timing Below the Email.

You Can Also Click Refresh Button to Generate New Email Address. No Sign-up or anything else is Required to Use This Service. You Receive Instant Emails on the Same Page as it would on Gmail or Other Services.

Alexa Ranking - 17306
NOTE: You Can Also Use “10Minutemail.net” Better Alternative and Higher Alexa Ranking than (.com).

2. Temp-Mail


Temp-Mail is one of my Favorite Site for Generating Disposable Temporary E-mail Address. There Service is Super Fast and Website UI is Soo Mesmerizing.

Best Feature of Temp-Mail is You Can Enter Email Manually and Change Extensions via Drop Down Menu. This is Because Some Sites Doesn’t Allow Few Email Extensions Like (.free.mail) etc.

Temp-Mail is a Free Website & Tool for Generating Temporary Email for Various Purposes as in 10MinuteMail. Using Temp-Mail You Just Totally Forgot About Spam, Advertising Mails, Hacking, etc.

The reason is That Temp-Mail Provides Highly Secure, Free, Anonymous Temporary Email Address.

Alexa Ranking - 3429

3. Tempail

Tempail Temporary Email Address

Tempail is similar to other Disposable Email Generating Website. This Website has all the Essential Features like Changing Email, Refreshing Inbox, QR Code, Copy and Delete Option.

The Temporary Email is Automatically Generated and You Can Use it on Any Website for Free.

Your Privacy and Emails are Completely Encrypted and Automatically Removed After 1 Hour From Servers.

Alexa Ranking - 52001

4. Mohmal

Mohmal Temporary Email Service

Mohmal is Just Another Temporary Disposable Email Generating Website. They provide Great User Experience and Tons of Features with Amazing Website Design.

You Can Use Disposable Temporary Email for 45Min After that it Expires.

Also, you Can Use Mohmal when Creating accounts on various sites or for Email Verification Purposes, etc. You Get 3 Buttons to Change Settings.

Change – To Change Email Address
Renew – To Reset Expire Timing
Delete – To Remove Your Temporary Email

Mohmal is Inspired by “Junk Mail” in the Arabic Language.
Alexa Ranking - 21706

5. Temp Mail Address

Temp mail address

As Website Name Depicts “TempMailAddress“, This Provides Free Disposable Temporary Email Address for 60 Minutes per Session.

No Sign-up or Registration is Required and Your Private is Completely Safe and Secure. TempMailAddress Provides Simple but Efficient Temp Email Address.

As You Would Say All of These Temporary Email Services are Same, The Answer is NO! They Aren’t Same. Their Algorithm is Different and Their Privacy Policies are not Same as Well as Features and Functionalities.

Alexa Ranking - 59171

6. FakeTempMail

Fake Temporary Email

As The Name Describes ” Fake Temporary Email Address”. This is a Nice Online Free Temporary Disposable Email Generating Tool. You Can Use This For Multiple Purposes without any Timing Limitations.

The Unique Part is You Gets 3 Different Temporary Email Address Per 1 Time and Can Use 3 at Same Time.

Yes! You Can Also Send Email to Anyone for Free and Without Registration, Also, You Can Send Any File up to 5MB in Email. Your Identity would be Anonymous and Automatically Data Would be Removed from servers.

Faketempmail is a Convenient Service you just have to click “Random” to Generate Your Free Throw away Temporary Email Address.

Alexa Ranking - 389180

6. Generator.Email

Email Generator

The generator is a Reliable and Rich with Features Free Temporary Email Address Service. You can Change Your Disposable Email and Extension from Tons of Available on Generator.Email.

Your Received Email Would be Shown Instantly without any Delays, Your Privacy is Completely Safe & Anonymous.

These Free Temporary Email Generating Tools Gives you Internet Freedom, No More Sharing Private Information. Just Bookmark These Websites if you are an Internet Geek and Tests New Websites Daily, Which Requires Registration or Verifications.

Alexa Ranking - 62959

7. EmailonDeck


Services are Exactly Described as in Name, Email on Deck or You Can Say Handy. Everyone Needs an Email to do anything over the Internet, But These Days due to Spams and Privacy issues it’s not safe to use your Real email address, Rather Temporary Email Address is Useful.

EmailonDeck Basically a Highly Secure and Absolutely Reliable Throw Away Temporary Email Address Generating Website in 2 Steps.

You Have to Click on Captcha and After that Click on Get Email. Also, CBC News, Fox, NBC, and ABC News Channels has Done Promotions of EmailonDeck. You Get a Clean and Easy to Remember Email Address to Receive and Send Anonymous Email Address for Free.

Their Service has Generated Over 52,162,594 temporary emails processed and its SSL & TLS Certified.

Alexa Ranking - 60511

8. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is Yet Another Free Disposable Email Address Generating Site. You Get Secure Platform and Anonymous Email Identity for Sending And Receiving Mails for Any Services over the Internet.

Most Useful Feature of Guerrilla Mail is that You Can Attach a file in Email Up to 150MB. Also, You Can Scramble Email Address and Do More Things for Free and Without Registration.

You Can Set Email & Extension Manually and Automatically. Guerrilla Mail is an Anti-Spam tool of Choice. It’s Serving from 2006 by Jamit Software Limited.

Alexa Ranking - 54872

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9. FakeMailGenerator

Fake Mail Generator

Fake Email Generator is a Free Temporary/Disposable Email Generating Site. This Website is Clean and You Can Easily Customize Email & Extension Manually.

You Can Choose Email Extensions From 11+ Options. FakeMailGenerator’s Inbox Automatically Refresh After Every 10 Seconds to Provide Instant Results.

Alexa Ranking - 167425

10. ThrowAwayMail


Throw-Away Mail is an Easy to Use Free Online Tool. It is Highly Secured and Keeps Your Identity Anonymous. Just click on View my Email and Pass the Easy Captcha to Generate Your Disposable Email. The Temporary Email Has Validity for 48hr and After that, it Expires.

Your Email Box Automatically Refresh for any New Mails. Also, After 48hr Your Throw Away Email Would be Removed and The Received Emails too for Better Privacy.

Each Time You Visit ThrowAwayMail a New Temp Email is Automatically Generated just for You.

Alexa Ranking - 164837

11. Temp-Mail.io


Temp-Mail.io is Nearly Similar to Temp-Mail.org in Algorithm. It’s a Tool to Generate Free Temporary Email Address to Use for any Kind of Online Activities.

Their Tool is Different from Others in this List Because of Their Transparent Policy, No Waiting Time, Convenient Interface, Quick Client Support, Free Service and Many More.

Usage is Simple, Just Open Site and Use The Automatically Generated Email or You Can Manually Change the Email and Extension. Temp-mail.io is Available in Multilingual and Super Fast Servers.

Alexa Ranking - 2192199

12. EmailFake

Email Fake

EmailFake is a Fast Growing Disposable Email Generating Website. You Can Use it For Multiple Reasons like – Verify Facebook Account, Email Verification, Shopping and Many More.

EmailFake is Easy to use Automated Tool, You Can Also Change the Email and Its Extension as per your Preferences. The Disposable Email is Valid Up to 99 Days, Which is Amazing.

Want to Be Anonymous over the Internet? Use EmailFake and Stay Safe From Spams and Hackers. There Email Services is Super Fast and you Receive your Mails Instantly.

Alexa Ranking - 36870

13. YopMail

Yopmail Disposable Email

Yopmail is a Popular and Most Used Free Disposable Email Address Generating Website. It’s Available in Every Language and Has its Own Mobile Version of the Site.

YopMail is Ranked 16048 in Alexa and Rank #3 in Comparison with Other Temporary Email Generating Sites.

YopMail is User-Friendly, You Just Have to Fill Your Choice of Email and Start Using the Mailbox. Its Interface is Exactly like Gmail Older Version, You Can Send and Receive all kind of Emails.

All of Your Messages are Kept for 8 Days and No Registration is required. YopMail Provides Free Browser Extensions, Last but not least Yopmail Guards you From Spams, Phishing and other online Abuse.

Alexa Ranking - 16048

14. MyTemp.Email

My Temporary Email

Name of the Site Describes Everything, MyTempEmail is a Free and Convenient Temporary Email Address Generating Website. No Sign-up or Registration is Required, You Can Use it Just by Clicking on “Start Here” Button on Homepage.

Mytemp.email has a huge list of in-built Features. You Can Create Unlimited Temporary/Disposable Emails Under one Roof and also Manage them in the mailbox in a single tab. Completely Safe & Anonymous Service and Mobile Friendly User Experience.

All of Your Mails and Email address would be Automatically Removed in 24 Hour. Also, Save the Direct Link of Your Mailbox to Access it anytime Within 24hr without Login.

Alexa Ranking - 178648

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15. Moakt

Moakt Temporary Mail Service

Moakt is a 100% Free Throw Away Temporary Email Generating Service. It Does Everything which Other Tools in this List Do But, With Different Algorithm and Policy.

You Can Use This on Nearly Everywhere where email is Required. Moakt Generates Email Manually and Automatically, You Can Easily Configure Email and Extension.

The disposable email has Validity of 60 Minute, Don’t Worry You Can Extend it with Single Click.

You Can Compose Email Easily and Anonymously. Moakt is Ranked #66370 in Alexa and #14 in List of Other Similar Websites and Still Growing.

Alexa Ranking - 66370

16. TempeMails

Temporary & Disposable Email Generator

TempEmails is Another Best and Reliable Free Temporary Email Address Generating Website. It Provides User-friendly interface and Has Blog to Help Beginners learn about Temporary Emails and Usage.

Process of Getting Temporary Email is Simple as Just Enter Desired Email and Click Enter.

Their Algorithm is Unique and Created with Security in Mind, Your Identity would be Anonymous and No Personal Data is Required at all. The Mailbox is Automatically Refresh After every 10 Seconds.

The Temporary Email Address Works All over the internet without any Delays. Don’t Forget to Check “TempEmails” Blog to Learn More About Disposable Emails.

Alexa Ranking - 1312902

17. Mailinator

Mailinator Disposable Email Address

Mailinator is a Free Disposable Email Address Creating Tool, Millions of Users and Companies use Mailinator. You Can Create Unlimited Temporary Disposable Email Address for Free.

The Downside of this service is its public in Free Version, Mailinator Provides Premium version with Tons of Features.

Mailinator is a Receive-Only Service and Offers just 1 Email Extension (@mailinator.com). If you Want a Paid Disposable Email Address, You have to Buy it.

Usage of this Temp Mail is Easy, Just Enter your Desired Email and Mailinator will Redirect you to Its Mailbox.

Alexa Ranking - 34559

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18. MailDrop

Mailinator Hide your Email address

Maildrop is an Open-source Free Disposable Email Address Creating Tool. The Website is Super Secure & Responsive. It Just Requires you to fill your Desired Email and Click on “View Inbox” Button.

Maildrop has Built-in Spam Filter Created by “Heluna“. There is 0% chance that any kind of spam would hit your Inbox. Also, Maildrop is a Disposable Email Service so all Your Mails & Data would automatically Be Removed when You Leave the Site.

It Provides an Alias Email for Usage and Receives Emails in the Same Mailbox. Click Here to Know How Maildrop Works.

Alexa Ranking - 150148

19. CrazyMailing

Crazymailing Anonymous Email Address

Crazymailing is a Free Advanced Throwaway Email Address Creating Service. This is Completely Unique Tool than Others in This List, You Gets Instant Temp Email When you Open Crazymailing.

If You Login via Social Media, You Can Experience Premium Features like Sending Emails, Increasing Time from 10min to 30min, Send Files and More.

Using Crazymailing Tool, You Can Enable Email Forwarding and Gets Email from Temporary to Real Email Address. This is Highly Useful for those who Doesn’t want to share their Personal Email account.

Also, You Can Save Messages and do A lot of Amazing Things with Crazymailing.

Alexa Ranking - 131817

20. Tempinbox

Temporary Inbox

Do You Want a Hassle-free and Anonymous Temporary Email Address? TempInbox is the Website You Should Visit Now. Temporary Inbox Provides Beginners Friendly Interface and Its Completely Transparent. Just Enter the Desired Email in Text-Box and You are Good to Read Emails.

Tempinbox Saves Mails up to 48hr, You Can Add Any Email (Anything@tempinbox.com) to Online Services which Requires email and Create Exact same Temporary Email to Receive your Emails.

This is a Spam-Free Platform and Works as it Should. Bookmark TempInbox to Use Whenever Required.

Alexa Ranking - 1286702

21. 20MinuteMail

20MinuteMail Generate Fake Email

As you have Seen “10minutemail” in Our List, Here is Another Free Disposable Email Address (DEA) Generating Website. Features are Nearly Same as Others, But You Can Enable Email Forwarding Exactly like in “Crazymailing” with Time Period of 1day, 15 day or 30days.

20 Minute Mail is a Responsive and Mobile Friendly Website to Generate Instant Throwaway Emails with no Limit. It is Connected to Your IP and your email would be saved till 20min, No Matter if You Refresh or Close the Tab. Let Us Know How You Think This Website is.

Alexa Ranking - 150739

22. Tempomail

Tempomail Free Temporary Email Address

Tempomail is Unique and Mobile-Friendly Website for Creating Free Disposable Email Accounts. No Registration or any information is required for Usage, Just Enter Desired Email and Hit “Create” or “Random” to Automatically Generate Email.

You Can Only Receive Emails in Tempomail, It’s Algorithm is Effective and User-friendly. You Can Switch Temp Email with Click of a Button.

Alexa Ranking - 6441735

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23. Temporary Email

Free Temporary Email

As Name Describes “Temporary Email“, This is a Free Website to Create Unlimited Temporary Disposable Email Address. You Can Use These Temp Emails on Any Website or Services. Their Website is Super fast and Mobile Friendly.

No Need to Worry about Spams anymore, Temporary-Email Got Your Back with Built-in Spam Filter. You Can Receive Emails instantly and Would Automatically Be Removed After 3 Days.

It Provides Features Rich User Experience, You Should Bookmark it For Further Usage.

Alexa Ranking - 2390761

24. Temp-Mails

Temp email address and SMS Number

Temp Mails is a Completely Free Disposable Email Address Creating Tool. Anyone Can Create Unlimited Temp Emails Using Temp-Mails.

The Validity of Per Email Address is 60Min and Each Message Would Automatically be Removed After 2hr For Security Purposes.

Aren’t This is a Great Website? Yes! Everything is Automatic, No need to Worry about Spams, Hackers or Privacy. Everything on Temp-Mails is Transparent and Convenient.

Temp-Mails also provides Temporary Phone Numbers to Receive OTP or Verifications. No Registration or any Personal Information is Required.

Alexa Ranking - 218430
Note: If you want to Use Temporary Phone Number, Remember it’s Public and Everyone on that site can read your messages. Just Don’t Use Those Numbers for Important Messages.

25. TrashMail

Trash Email Address

TrashMail is a Free Trash Email Creating Tool, This Hides Your Privacy Email and Gives you Temporary Disposable Email and Forward Emails to You via Temp Email.

This is Best Way to Secure Your Private Email, In-built CAPTCHA System makes it Highly Secure and Avoid Spams of all Kind.

You can also send Email using SSL Secure Web Only in Paid Plan of TrashMail. Set Expire Time for Email Forwarding, So Your Fake Email Address Would be Automatically Removed and the Forwarding.

You Can Choose Domain Extension from Over 20+ List. Using TrashMail Free Plan, You Can Create 25 Disposable Email Address. Their Customer Support is Highly Responsive and Helps you with any kind of Issues.

Alexa Ranking - 660005


  1. Where Temporary Email Address Should Not Be Used?

    Temporary Disposable Email Address is a Convenient way to Hide Identity and Much More. But, There are Few Places Where You Should Not Use Temporary or Disposable Email Address Like:-
    1. Government Websites
    2. School Forums
    3. Business
    4. Personal Social Media Accounts
    5. Banking Information
    6. Other (Which Would be Used in Future or in any Documents)

  2. Is Temporary Email Address Safe?

    Yes! Temporary Emails are Completely Safe and Convenient. The reason is Temp Emails Automatically Expires After Certain Period of Time. Also, No Personal information is Being Required and Stored.

  3. How to Check Email Blacklist?

    Yes, Email Address could be Blacklisted and It's Harmful to Business and Receiver. Your Sent Emails Would Show Warning and Would be Sent in SPAM Folders. Follow These Steps to Check Whether your Email is Blacklisted or Not.
    1 STEP – Go to MXtoolbox.
    2 STEP – Enter Your Email in (Server IP or Domain) Field.
    3 STEP – Click on “Blacklist Check” and Wait for Results.

  4. How to Check Email Address weather it's Valid or Not?

    There are Various Tools to Check Any Email Account Weather it Exists or Not. Just Follow These Easy Steps Below:-
    1 STEP – Go to Verify-Email.
    2 STEP – Enter the Email Address and Click Verify.
    3 STEP – You Will Receive Result.


  1. Use Incognito Browser (For Those Sites which Use Tracking)
  2. Close all browser Tabs and Open Incognito Window if you want to Register Multiple Accounts.
  3. Don’t Signup Very Often on Social Networks (For Example – Facebook Can Block You By Tracking Your IP Address)
  4. Use VPN to Change Your IP
  5. Complete Your Social Accounts (Add Avatar, Details), Recommend.
  6. Never Violate Rules and regulations of Websites (Don’t Misuse Temporary Email).

How to Create Disposable Email in Google Chrome?

Do You Need More Easier and Secure Way to Create Instant Disposable Email? You Should Use “Burner Mail” Google Chrome Extension for Free. This will Hide Your Orignal Email and Forward Emails From Temporary Email to Orignal Email with 100% No Spams and Completly Anonymous. Follow These Steps to Know How to Create Temporary Email in Google Chrome.

Burner Mail for Chrome

1 STEP: Download Burner Mail Extension From Official Site or Chrome Store.
2 STEP: Enable Burner Mail Extension From the Icon in Chrome (Require Sign-in via Google).
3 STEP: Use Auto-Generated Temporary Emails.

Wrapping Up

We Have Covered all Aspects of Disposable Email Address and Taught you Everything about it. Temporary Email is Most Advanced, Secure and Safe Service, Which Can be Used for Daily Purposes. Use Disposable Email Addresses to Eliminate Spam easily.

Always Make Sure a Website is Safe and Secure if you are Going to Use Personal Email address. I Wouldn’t Recommend to Use Your Personal Email on Shopping Sites or Some Others as Mentioned in Beginning.

Hope you Enjoys this Article and Make Sure to Like, Share and Comment. Share with us Any New Information and Your Experience with Temporary Email Address. We Would Love to Hear it From You.

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