How to stop hiccups Easily At Home

There may be many reasons for hiccups, including swallowing food fast, eating more chilies, drinking alcohol, etc. To prevent hiccups, you can adopt several measures that are completely safe and easy too. But if it is not hiccups even after general measures, then it is okay to consult the doctor.

1. Lemon and honey


Lemon is very beneficial in preventing hiccups. If the hiccup comes, then take a spoonful of lemon juice. Now put one spoon honey in it. Mix both And Lick it. Doing so will hiccups off.

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2. Stop your breath

Get Rid of Hiccups

Take a long breath and hold it for a few seconds. Experts say that when carbon dioxide deposited in the lungs and the diaphragm will remove it, the hiccup will stop coming.

3. Black pepper (Hiccups)

Hiccup Remedy at Home

Three Black Pepper With Little Bit of Sugar should be chewed in the mouth, and keep on sipping its juice, even you can drink sip water, the hiccup will close. This measure is completely safe too.

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4. Sugar (Best Works For Hiccups)

Hiccup Remedy Newborn

Sugar is always present in your home, so take a spoonful of sugar immediately after hiccup. This will stop hiccups in a while. It is considered effective in eliminating the reasons for the hiccup coming. If Not Put Sugar Under Your Tongue And See The Result.

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5. Vinegar

Hiccups Vinegar

Vinegar is used in many different kinds of diseases. The use of a spoonful vinegar can be immediately relieved by the problem of hiccups. Its sour taste helps to stop hiccups.

6. Eat Peanut butter

Peanut Butter

When the hiccup comes, take a spoonful peanut butter and taste it well and eat it. During this process, It helps both teeth and tongue. This will change the process of breathing and hiccup will stop.

7. Saltwater


Drink a few sips by mixing some salt in water. This will ease the problem of hiccups immediately. With this, breathing slowly will give you relief. Also, Try Gargle with Saltwater That Really Works Well For Hiccups.

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8. Eat Gently

Eat Gently

Sometimes, for some reasons, we do not chew properly, due to which the hesitation starts coming. The problem of hiccups starts due to air coming in between the pieces of food. You can chew him well by eating slowly. Fact: Eating Fast is The Most Caused Reason of Hiccups.

9. Chocolate powder

Chocolate Powder

Whenever you are troubled by the problem of hiccups, immediately Find chocolate powder and eat a spoon. During this eating process, you will see that the problem of hiccup will be cured soon after.

10. Drink a glass of cold water

Hiccup Remedy

It is believed that if cold water is drunk immediately after a hiccup, it stops. Some people say that you should also close your nose while drinking water. At the same time, it is better to rotate the glass and drink water from the other end.

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11. Bring your knees to the chest


As soon as the hiccup comes you sit down and bring your knees to the chest. This causes pressure on the lungs and the contraction of the muscles is also removed.

12. Keep the ice bag on the neck

When hiccup comes, keeping an ice bag or neckcloth Dipped in cold water can also help. This is Tested It Really Stops Hiccups.

13. Wandering attention

Newborn Hiccups

Knowledgeable experts say that when the hiccup arrives and at the same time tell someone who is shocked by this, it also helps prevent hiccups. In fact, hiccups also stop because of distractions. (This is Tested By Real-Tips And it Works Amazing) Let us Know in Comments Below.

14. Take Breathe in a paper bag

Hiccups Cure

In a paper bag, taking 10 breaths and leaving it inhibits hiccups. This increases the level of carbon dioxide in the blood which relaxes the nerves. This also Stops hiccups Easily.

Hope This Article Will Help You Guys Get Rid of Hiccups or Cure Hiccups Easily. If So Let Us Know in The Comments Below. If You Have More Ideas Share With Us. So We Can Help People More. You Can Also Check MedicineNet For More Health Related Issues. Contact Us If You Need Any Help.

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