Best Trick To Use Google Maps Offline Or Without Internet. Whenever you want to go, the most trustworthy way to tell the way is Google Maps. But for Google Maps to work correctly, it is important to have a good internet connection.

Google Maps Offline
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However, there is still a problem with the Internet connection and due to which the app stops working on the go. But now Google Maps has a solution to this problem.

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If you are planning to go somewhere then Google’s offline feature will work for you. Through this feature, you can download a map of any place and after that, you can use it for navigation instead of having an internet connection. Tells you how to download google maps offline for Android and iOS users.

How To Use Google Maps Offline On Android Device.

1: On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app.
2: Make sure you are connected to the Internet and sign in to Google Maps.
3: Search for someplace, like Ludhiana.
4: Tap the name or address of the place at the bottom, and now download the file. If you have searched for a restaurant, then tap on More and then download offline maps.

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How To Use Google Maps Without Internet on iOS Devices.

1: On the iPhone or iPad, open the Google Maps app.
2: Make sure your phone has an internet connection and then sign in to Google Maps.
3: Search for a place, like Udaipur.
4: On the bottom side, tap on the place’s name or address and then tap on More.
5: Select Download offline map.

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Download Google Maps Iphone

After downloading the map, use Google Maps as normal. If your internet connection is slow or closed, Google Maps will use offline maps to tell you the way. If You Found Bug Report To Google Support or Us.

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