Free Fonts: 13+ Websites to Download Fonts + Developer Tools [2019]

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Top Places to Get Free Fonts & Developer Tools (2019)

Designers are always looking for good design resources such as fonts, images, textures, and colors. Today we study how to find excellent free fonts.

Fonts are one of the most important elements of design, and font elements are required for both print and web text. Good fonts can make reading happy. There are many fonts on the internet.

However, many fonts are charged, and designers will pay a lot of money to use. So the designer’s solution is to look for free fonts. Free fonts can be used anywhere for any purpose. The biggest and most convenient free font is Google font. Of course, there are other solutions, such as FontfabricDafontLost-type and so on. These are English fonts, and for Other Language fonts, there are Mostly free ones.

Free Fonts

Finding a great free font is not that simple, the easiest way is to “collect anytime, anywhere.” Today in this article, we have great tools to find the best fonts. These tools are great and are great for finding fonts you never knew. In this list, we also have some browser extensions to find the fonts you see while browsing.



WhatTheFont uses AI to find fonts in styles. Suitable for designers, photographers, and people who like typography. You Can Easily Get Every Kind of Font Here. Also, Font Family, Font Weight etc.

Typewolf (Free Fonts)


Typewolf is Really Helpful Website For Designers or Whoever Use Fonts. Here You Can Find Amazing Fonts, Free Fonts, Collection of Best Fonts, etc. I Really Recommend to Use Typewolf To Get New Ideas and Fonts For Your Projects.


Discover Typography

Typography is an Amazing Resourceful Website. You Can Search For Fonts And Get Ideas and Match With Other Fonts. As Name Says “Discover”. You, Will, Find Top Class Fonts Here and Get Them. Some are Paid and Some Free. Go Checkout.

We Love WordMark Because It’s Soo Easy And Mind Blowing Website. You Just Have to Type Anything And You Will Get Tons of Fonts. You Can Easily Check How Each Font Would Look in Your Project Without Downloading Them.

There Tagline is “Did you ever find yourself going through Tons of fonts, in a drop-down menu, are you trying to find the right font? Only to find out that the font doesn’t even look good with your website/text?” lets you preview your text in all* of your fonts at once, allowing you to compare your fonts easily and efficiently.

  1. Enter your own word, phrase or paragraph,
  2. See how your text looks with your fonts,
  3. Scroll through and choose a few options,
  4. Isolate and compare them to pick the best.

Use to choose the right font for your logo, sign, poster, invitations, Any projects, quotes, anywhere that fonts Fit Right for You.



This Website Has Many Features Same as WordMark. But it Works Differently. Like You Can Check Their Entire Fonts or Just Type a Phrase and Click on Generate. You, Will, Get That Phrase’s Font Different Each Time. Also, You Can Filter the Option. Like You Can Choose Font Weight, Font Family, etc. It’s Simple And Easy Way to Find Fonts.


Font Playground

As Name Describe “Font Playground. A fun place to play with variable fonts. It is Github Based. You Can Choose Any Font and Experiment on them, Compare Fonts, etc. It’s UI is Like Photoshop. Works Great and Loaded with Tons of Features. You Should Check it Out.


TypeWonder Free Fonts

TypeWonder, making the choice of web fonts so enjoyable. Helps you to test web fonts on any web site on the fly. Just Enter Website Address and preview instantly the fonts without any hassle. I Would Say That TypeWonder is Mainly For Web Designer, Developer, etc.

You Can See How Fonts will Looks on your Website. In 3 Easy Steps, Enter Url and Click on “Go” at The End Choose Font. That’s it. You, Will, See Your Website Live with That Font. You Can Change it From There. It’s Free, Best Part is They will Guide you through the installation of each Font. It’s Totally Free & Safe.


Fonty Free Fonts

Fonty is a bit Same as TypeWonder. But, Features, UI, etc, is Different. As They Say “IT IS EASY LIKE A GAME”. Fonty Has Almost Every Fonts Available in Their Website. Just Enter Your Website URL and Click Enter. Choose Fonts and That’s it.

No Need to Put any Code in Your Site. It’s Completely Safe and Best. You Can Download Fonts and Install them Easily and Free. Check Fonty Now.

Below are some browser extensions that make it easy to find fonts. Also, Best Free Font Download Website’s and Places to Find Fonts For Designers & Developers.



WhatFont is The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages. It’s Completely Free to Use. Usage is Just Install This Extension in Your Browser. Then Just Hover over Any Text you Want to Know The Font Name. It Will Show You Font Name, Font Weight, Font Family, Link to Download, etc. Just Like That Its Soo Good. We Also, Use This Extension.

Fontface Ninja

Fontface Ninja

Fontface Ninja is a Free Browser Extension. For Inspect Fonts, Try Them, Buy and Bookmark Fonts. Easily. Find The Name of Any Font by Just Hovering over Text. Click The Font To Try Live Without Leaving the Site. As you Know Some Fonts are Paid and Some Are Free. For Free Fonts The Download Link would Be Available There. Also, You Can Buy.

Google Font Previewer for Chrome

Google Font Previewer

Google Font Previewer Lets you choose fonts from the Google’s Font directory with text styling options and Live preview them on the current tab. It is a Free Browser Extension and Easy to Use. Choose Any Font And Apply on Your Live Website to Know How it Would Looks. Without Affecting Any Code. Check Out Now.


Palettab Free Fonts

Palletab is a browser extension which uses Google fonts and Mind Blowing COLOURlovers palettes to inspire you with fresh and clean inspiration every time you hit that new tab button. It is Available For Both Firefox and Google Chrome. Free to Download. For More Information Click The Link Below.


Free Fonts DaFont

DaFont is Amazing Font Library. You Can Download Any Font For Free. It Has Tons of Fonts and Gets Updated Daily. You Can Use Those Fonts Wherever you want. Checkout DaFont.


Hope You Like This List of Free Fonts and Font Tools+ Browser Extensions. This Would Make Life Easier. Now You Don’t Have to Download Font to View. You Can Do Anything With Single Click. Don’t Forget to Like, Share and Comment Which one You Use Most and If We Miss Any Font Website Share With Us. We Would Love to Feature it.

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