PUBG Mobile is now going to play so much that the people can not be told about it and every day its count is increasing, if you also want PUBG Mobile Game i.e. you play it then the new Latest Beta Version of PUBG 0.12 Update has been rolled out.

Download PUBG 0.12 Update

In this new update, you will find many new features, i.e. the new update has added many features to it. Now you will get a new mode Called Darkest Night Mode.

Within which you can win Cosmetic Items with Companion, as well as many more items have been added such as – Liquid Nitrogen Grenade, Zombie Dogs And Jumping Zombies.

Apart from all this, many new things have been advertised, which we will learn from the bed further. If you are an Android or IOS user, To download this PUBG 0.12 Update beta. Links Are Below For Android And iOS. Super Fast Links And Safe/Tested.

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Where the URL of this update is available on many websites, the file size of this latest PUBG 0.12 Update is approximately 1.8 GB, so friends You can now know about these essential features in this update.

What’s New!

Players Unknown Battleground

Mugen Space And Infinity

Mugen Space / Infinity: This feature will replace the Event Mode as well as the addition to the Future and several new modes will also be added. This is Amazing Feature in PUBG 0.12 Update

Infinity Mode/Darkest Night

PUBG 0.12 Update Dark Mode

Infinity Mode / Darkest Night: In this mode, you will have to stay alive for one night fighting Zombies, that means if you fight with a zombie, one night with your team And survive, Then you can win the battle.

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Companion System

PUBG 0.12 Update Download

Companion System: This mode is of great use in which you can go to Game with Companion, where your Enemy cannot see your Companion then there will be no risk of Exposure. This is In PUBG 0.12 Update

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After you take your Companion into the Battle, you will also get a Bonus EXP of it, as well as the Companion Emotes,  will be given after the level is completed.

Survive Till Dawn Improvements

PUBG 0.12 Update

Survive Improvements: You will also find many things like Liquid Nitrogen Grenade, which allows you to fridge your Enemies, as well as additionally you will find Jumping Zombies and Jumping Dogs.

At the same time, you will find some junkies who can also be on the wall and go on the terrace. It will also be added to RPG-7 guns and wild-style magazine Flamethrower, which will help you slow the speed of the zombie and it will move slowly.

Quick Chat (PUBG 0.12 Update)

Pubg 0.12 update

A New update for the quick chat option will now add a new male voice. Also, There is a new voice wheel, which will have More Than eight quick chat audio clips for faster in-game access.

Friendly Spectate

PUBG 0.12 Update Hidden Features

This is likely the best feature where you can spectate your companions that are playing the Game. The feature will likewise enable you to see your Friends details and data while you spectate them. You can likewise check what number of spectators are viewing while you are playing a Game.

Bug Fixes

PUBG 0.12 Update Bug Fixed

In this update of the game, the Bugs that were causing problems during gameplay have been fixed, apart from this, a graphical glitch of the paint in season 6 has also been fixed. PUBG 0.12 मोबाइल डाउनलोड करें

Also, another bug has been fixed in which the door did not open and Didn’t Even Shows when it opened, it also fixed it.

Friends, this was the whole update, what you think about it, tell through the comments and definitely share it with your friends.


Download PUBG Mobile 0.12 BETA – ANDROID/IOS

Direct Links For PUBG Mobile 0.12 GLOBAL BETA Version


FOR iOS Download Open This Link in Safari To Download (Easy)

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