Increase page views [Simple Step]

A simple change that can Increase page views of your blog’s by more than 50%! Just Following An Easy Trick. No Skill Required.

Increase page views

Are you a blogger, are you looking for ways to increase the number of page views on your blog?

If so, I’m going to tell you about some such simple changes that you can do right now, which can potentially increase both the monthly page view of your blog and the number of pages viewed per visit.

We have been using this strategy on my blog for some time now, and the total number of pages viewed has increased by more than 50%, which I had started before We did. Check Below Best Tips to Increase page views.

The best thing about this strategy is that I do not need any extra work from my side. Yes, now I am taking less time to write each new post, but in reality, it is necessary to consider the benefits received from so little work.

Now that I’ve increased your interest, my secret is that …

Increase Page Views

Increase Blog Page View in Normally

All you have to do is link to at least one post on your blog post Just To Increase page views.

Increase page views

It’s like – just link one or more posts that you’ve already written and you’ll immediately start seeing your pageview growing day by day and month by day.

You can edit your existing posts in this way and link them to Related Post.

You Should not link any posts on an unrelated topic. Instead, link to the posts that are read and relayed from the information provided at that time.

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For example, in our many posts, people have answered questions about social media. After answering the question of Facebook, I often link to another post which tells How to Boost Website Traffic on the reader’s Facebook account.

Imagine that a user has come to read any information in your blog, and after reading that information, he gets a linked link from that information only. So obviously he will click on it, similarly, the page view of your blog can be increased

See what I did there? The last paragraph uses a very tactic about which we are talking about here. And if the user actually clicks the link and goes to that second page, you will see that I have linked two extra pages to that post!

Of course, every user will not click on the link, but whatever you do, it will be enough to increase the total Page View to 50% of your blog.

Just remember that if a post links to something that is completely unrelated to the current post, then your page view is not likely to increase.

You might be thinking that I do not advise you to add “Related Postplugin to your blog.

The answer is that the “related posts” show differently, but the link imposed by you can be anywhere in the middle of the post, which will increase the possibility of a user clicking.

So now all is in your hands, there is a little extra work to do for this work, but trust me – it will be very beneficial for its blog!

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Oh, and do you know that you can earn some good money from your blog, if you want to know, then read this post ” 7 Tips for SEO Image Optimization [Complete Guide] 2019” Because if Your IMAGE SEO is Boosted Then You Will Get More Visitors From Google Image Searches.

Well, you can do this work very easily, and this post tells you how To Do This.

Bottom line: Spending only five additional minutes in a relevant link or every new post you wrote can have a lot of page view for your blog. And as we all know, if you are a blogger, then Page View is very important for a successful blog.


There Are Some Website You Should Use Before Writing Your Article Like – For Keywords – “UBERSUGGEST” or “KEYWORD REVEALER” | To Get Royalty Free Images You Should Use “PEXELS” or “PIXABAY” | To Create Best Thumbnail or Featured Image Use “CANVA” | Non the less For Free PNG Images Use – “KISSPNG” or “PNGTREE” | These All Free Tools And We Personally Use them all.

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