How To Block All Ads On Your Android Phone And Tablet?

Block Android Ads 2019

Ads You can not escape from them whether you are on a small screen of your mobile or on your computer To earn most websites, you continually display ads or services.

With these Ads, you have a website of your favorite websites, but some websites are eccentric about showing the ad.

Block Ads in Android

Your mobile browser also has Ads displays by default. They include everything from banners to Google’s sponsored links – which irretate and sometimes even have malicious ads which could threaten you or your device.

Do you know that when you browse, then all the Ads (static and video) actually use many of your data?

Not only this, page slides are loaded with Ads and they can use up to 23 percent of your battery.

So installing Ad Blocker will save not only your data and time but also save money.

There are many apps in the Google Play Store that promise to block Adblock on Android smartphones and tablets. But many of them just claim, but either they do not block the ads. Also, they drain more of the battery.

So what is the best Ad Blocker to stop these Ads on Android?

Keep reading this post to block unwanted and annoying Ads on your Android device, which includes Best Ad Blocker – for which you will not have to pay!

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Adblock Browser To Block Ads in Android Device Easily

Adblock Browser Information:

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Adblock Browser is a free app that provides free browsing support for you by blocking all types of Ads devices on your device.

With Adblock Browser you can browse fast, safe and Ads free. These apps automatically block Ads, which will save the battery power of your phone and together you are also safe from malware or adware.

It blocks all the banners and video ads that appear on the website. Along with this, it also prevents best suits from tracking. Not only this, but it also blocks cookies, malware, and social media share buttons.

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Along with this, you can add a website to whitelist so that they can get a refund from Ads.

This app claims that they load the pages fast and save your data by increasing the battery life to 20 percent.

How To Block Ads in Android:

We will see how the Adblock block Ads in Browser.

Download Adblock Browser App From Playstore. After installing this app, open the app and tap Only One More Step and then tap Finish.

How to Block Android Ads

Now tap on the search field above and go to the website where banner is Ads. On other browsers (like chrome), you will see two banner aids at the top and bottom of the page. However, these aids will not appear in the Adblock Browser.

If it appears to be Ads, just tap the menu icon and tap on ‘Block ads on this site’, then refresh the page to get rid of these ads.

Easy Way To Block Android Ads

Block Google Ads in Android:

When you do a search on Google on your device (for example, ‘WordPress Hosting’), you will notice that there are some search result sponsored links first.

Block Android Ads

You can block these aids by using Adblock Browser.

To do this, from the menu icon, tap Settings.

Then switch to Ad blocking-> Acceptable Ads, then Allow Some non-intrusive advertising to untick it.

Block Google Ads

Now return to your search page and tap on the search icon You will see that these sponsored links have disappeared from your search result.

Now we will see how to increase the protection from the adblock browser.

From the menu icon, tap Settings.

Go to Ad blocking section, then tap More blocking options.

Check all check boxes here.

Block Android Ads

Clear Browsing Data in Android:

In the Adblock Browser, you can clear all browsing data when you exit from this app.

Go to Settings -> Privacy.

Then tick the first and last checkbox

Clear Browsing Data Android

If You Need Help With Blocking Ads Feel Free To Contact Us. We Will Share Premium Ad Blocking App For Free to You. Share This Article With Your Friends To Help Them. For Other Complete Android Help Go To XDA Developers.

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