Improve WordPress Speed: 5 Ways to Boost WordPress Performance Easily (2019)

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How to improve the speed of your WordPress site.

I have been asking customers about how to improve WordPress speed of his website? Because he thinks his wordpress website is very slow. From my experience, it is not difficult to improve the speed of the website, if you are willing to spend money. But this is not the scope of today’s talk. We want to pursue a free way to improve the speed of the website. So the following Tips knows are based on free tools:

Improve WordPress Speed

First, Test how fast is Your website.

The so-called knowing ourselves and knowing each other, winning every battle. At the beginning of optimizing our website, we have to have a clear understanding of our website. What is the speed of my situation? Not bad. Here are three tools to help you test:

  1. Google Page Speed Online
  2. Yahoo! YSlow
  3. GTmatrix

Get your website speed score with any of these tools.

Improve Gtmetrix Score
GTmetrix Score Before Optimization

The above is the speed measurement result, indicating that there is space available, generally give some suggestions. First install suggestions, optimize for optimization, skip without optimization.

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Second, what is the reason for the impact on Slow speed?

Improve WordPress Speed

Some people think that wordpress will affect speed, which is a big mistake. Such as the yoast website, or the foreign website, built with wordpress, the speed is incredible. In fact, the reasons for the impact of speed are mainly concentrated in two points:

1. The speed of the host or the server itself.

2. Home page size and extra files.

3. Unwanted or Poor Coded Plugins & Themes.

4. Non Optimized WordPress etc.

The first one needs more investment, and we discuss the second one. Well, After Reducing Your Page Size By GZIP Compression or Image Optimization. Third One Could Be Easily Be Fixed By Removing Unwanted Plugins (You Can Find Alternative Which Could Be Better in Performance). Fourth, Well, Everything Needs Improvement After Usage. So You Just Have To Check on GTmetrix or Any of above Website and Find What Needs to Be Fixed. You Can Easily Improve WordPress Speed.

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Third, the picture affects the speed of your website?

Improve WordPress Speed

A picture is better than 100 words, so many people can’t tolerate no pictures on the website. The key is how to compress the image to a minimum Size. There are Five easy ways to reduce the image size:

1. Choose the correct image format:

  • PNG format
  • JPEG format

2. Compress Pictures:

  • JPEG images can be compressed by 80%
  • PNGs cannot be compressed

3. Upload a predefined size image:

  • If you have a large size image, upload a thumbnail of this image or Use Steps Below.

4. Install the WP plugin – this plugin has the effect of compressing images. Just install and activate.

5. Use TinyPng To Compress And Optimize Images in WordPress. Best Ever Online Image Optimization Tool. You Can Also Download Their WordPress Plugin. With Free Version You Can Optimize 500 Images Per Month. Don’t Worry You Have Other Plugins and Online Options To Improve WordPress Speed.

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Fourth, does your database need to be buffered?

WordPress Database

For wordpress, the method of dynamically reading the database is used, that is, the content of the database is read every time a click is encountered. If your website access is greater than 500IP, the role of this database buffer is very obvious. The following are the recommended buffer plugins:

1. W3 Total Cache

2. WP Super Cache

My website uses a database cache, and the effect is much better. These Plugins Can Help You to Improve WordPress Speed.

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5. Do you really need a plugin?

The wordpress plugin is always a controversial topic, and some plugins will load extra files. So we should be cautious about the use of each plugin. So we need to make a trade-off between functionality and speed (note that writing these plugins into the theme will also load extra file.)

There is a plugin to evaluate this:

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler).

Through it, you can know how big the plugin will affect.

P3 Plugin Profiler

If a plugin has a high impact and the implemented functionality is not required, you can consider not to activate it. Also, You Can Find Its Alternative.

Of course, in view of the author’s level, there are still places that have not been mentioned, I hope everyone will leave a message here to discuss.


Well, I Would Say That This Article Would Help You Alot to Improve WordPress Speed Easily. Also, Boost GTmetrix, Pagespeed Score. If You Need Any Kind of Help Check Our Other Articles on WordPress. Also, You Can Contact Us For Free Personal Help 24/7.