Free Website Submission Tools is a way to Tell Search Consoles about your Website. Many Times Search Consoles Could not be able to Crawl website, So Doing Manual Submission is Best and you can Keep the Track. Doing this Can Index Your Website to Search Engines and Increase Traffic.

Having Said That, Lots of People are Submitting Their Website to Google and Doing Online Directory Submission. That’s a Good Idea for a Start, Below are Our Top 15+ Websites for Free Directory Submission.

Free Website Submission Tools
Free Website Submission Tools

That Said, These Free Tools is a way to tell Search Engine that we have new information (Posts, Pages) so Crawl it ASAP. People Just Know About Google, Yahoo, Bing Search Engines Only But There are Tons of More Search Consoles Used Worldwide. These Free Website Submission Tools will help You Reach Each of them Easily. So Without Wasting time let’s Dive into the List of Top Free Website Submission Tools.

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What is Crawl?

A lot of People are not Familiar with Search Engine Crawling. Its when Any Search Engine Crawl through the internet and Find New Websites/Links and if it’s useful and Good Quality it will index that page/post in Search Console.

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For Better Understanding of Search Engines Crawling Watch Matt Cutts Video on How Search Engine Works and Crawling.

Why you Should Submit Your Website?

Crawling Issues: Well Yes! Sometimes Search Engine can’t crawl website automatically. No Doubt if your Content is Good and SEO Optimized than Search Engine will Crawl it. But, Manual Website Submission just Takes 1-2 Min Only. So Why Take a Risk? Submit it and Forget About it.

Search Consoles Don’t Always Crawl Everything: Suppose if Your Website has Many Posts and When Search Engine Crawl your Website it Focus on Homepage and Linked Pages/Posts. So Many Times it’s hard for Crawlers to Read all of the Posts/Pages. No Doubt if you Submit your Website by Following Below Methods, You’ll get the opportunity to get Indexed Faster.

Submission Helps Improve Your Website: Some Search Engines Like Bing, Google, Yandex, etc, Provides Deep Insights of your Website like Crawling Time, Links Details, Top Keywords, Error Details, etc. These Options are Available in Their Management Dashboards. There Various types of Manual Testing Tools Help you Fugue out Errors or things to improve on your website. (We’ll Focus on this Other Time)

Having Said that, You Should Know that Getting Indexed by Search engines is just winning half battle. The Real Optimization lies in Ranking Your Website to Top of Search Engine Results(SERPS).

Nothing to worry about, Because we Have Article about Complete Search Engine Optimization Tutorials. You Should Read Them and Rank #1 in Search Results.

If Search Consoles Doesn't Know that Your Website exists Than it will Not be Indexed. That's why Manual Submission Takes Place in this Race Click To Tweet

How to Submit your website to Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc)

Its like peace of Cake, Anyone can do this Easily. Let’s Firstly Focus on Google Submission. Watch Neil Patel Guide on How to Submit Your Site to Google Search Console.

Google URL Submission has been Officially discontinued in July 2018. Don’t Worry, The New Way is Much Easy than that by Submitting Sitemap.xml in Google Webmaster tool.

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A sitemap is a File which Contains All the Pages on a website. It’s Commonly is in XML Format. See Our Sitemap Below.

Google XML Sitemap
Generated By Google XML Sitemap WordPress Plugin

As you can See this Particular Sitemap Contains Pages/Posts Links in it

You Can Find Your Sitemap at Also, If by Some Issues you are unable to find it, Then Check it in your Robots.txt File at Many Times Sitemap is Located in Robots.txt file.

Sitemap in Robots.txt

Don’t Have Sitemap Yet?

Important Note: Your Website Needs to Be Verified by Google Webmaster for This Process. Follow This Guide to Know How to Verify website.

A sitemap is Necessary for Each and Every Website. While in WordPress it’s Easy to Create Sitemap File via SEO Plugins like Yoast SEO, All-in-one SEO, etc. Rather we use Separate Plugin Called “Google XML Sitemap“. For Non-Wordpress or Static Websites “This Free Sitemap Generator Tool” is the Best Option.

Ok Now, you have Sitemap.xml Now let’s Submit it to Google Search Console.

Sitemap Submission to Google

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Guide on How to Submit Sitemap.xml to Google Webmaster Tool.

  1. Go to Search Console

    Sign into Google Webmasters Tool

  2. Select Your Property(Verified Website)

    Select Your Website You Want to Submit your Sitemap.xml to Google.

  3. Click on Sitemap Tab

    Tap on Sitemap on the Left Sidebar

  4. Paste Your Sitemap URL Address.

    Add Your Sitemap URL to The Field.

  5. Click “Submit” Button

    Click on Submit Button and Repeat This Process for Multiple Sitemaps.

Reminder: Only Last Part of Sitemap URL is Required Like if your Sitemap URL is “”. Then Only “sitemap-post.xml” is Required.

This Video Will Help You For Submitting your Website to Google Search Properly.

Google Have a 65.2% share of Entire web search volume worldwide

Top Free Website Submission Tools

1. Submit Express

SubmitExpress is the Most Used Free Website Submission Tool. You Can Submit Your Website to More than 70+ Top Search Engines which Includes Google Search, Bing, etc. You Can Submit up to 5 URL Every 24hr. Only Main Page(Homepage) is Required and SubmitExpress will Crawl the Whole Website Automatically.

Process of Submission is Easy-to-use, It Just Requires These Details Only-

  1. Website URL
  2. Email Address
  3. Name
  4. Phone Number
  5. Country

SubmitExpress Takes just 1min to Submit your website to Search Engines. Want to Rank High in Search Console? Visit SubmitExpress for more Details.

2. Free Web Submission

Free web submission is also the Second Best Free Website Submission Tool. It is 100% Free and Really Professional tool. It Submits Your Website to Top 50 Search Engines which are Ranked by and updates Regularly.