Free Website Submission Tools is a way to Tell Search Consoles about your Website. Many Times Search Consoles Could not be able to Crawl website, So Doing Manual Submission is Best and you can Keep the Track. Doing this Can Index Your Website to Search Engines and Increase Traffic.

Having Said That, Lots of People are Submitting Their Website to Google and Doing Online Directory Submission. That’s a Good Idea for a Start, Below are Our Top 15+ Websites for Free Directory Submission.

Free Website Submission Tools
Free Website Submission Tools

That Said, These Free Tools is a way to tell Search Engine that we have new information (Posts, Pages) so Crawl it ASAP. People Just Know About Google, Yahoo, Bing Search Engines Only But There are Tons of More Search Consoles Used Worldwide. These Free Website Submission Tools will help You Reach Each of them Easily. So Without Wasting time let’s Dive into the List of Top Free Website Submission Tools.

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What is Crawl?

A lot of People are not Familiar with Search Engine Crawling. Its when Any Search Engine Crawl through the internet and Find New Websites/Links and if it’s useful and Good Quality it will index that page/post in Search Console.

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For Better Understanding of Search Engines Crawling Watch Matt Cutts Video on How Search Engine Works and Crawling.

Why you Should Submit Your Website?

Crawling Issues: Well Yes! Sometimes Search Engine can’t crawl website automatically. No Doubt if your Content is Good and SEO Optimized than Search Engine will Crawl it. But, Manual Website Submission just Takes 1-2 Min Only. So Why Take a Risk? Submit it and Forget About it.

Search Consoles Don’t Always Crawl Everything: Suppose if Your Website has Many Posts and When Search Engine Crawl your Website it Focus on Homepage and Linked Pages/Posts. So Many Times it’s hard for Crawlers to Read all of the Posts/Pages. No Doubt if you Submit your Website by Following Below Methods, You’ll get the opportunity to get Indexed Faster.

Submission Helps Improve Your Website: Some Search Engines Like Bing, Google, Yandex, etc, Provides Deep Insights of your Website like Crawling Time, Links Details, Top Keywords, Error Details, etc. These Options are Available in Their Management Dashboards. There Various types of Manual Testing Tools Help you Fugue out Errors or things to improve on your website. (We’ll Focus on this Other Time)

Having Said that, You Should Know that Getting Indexed by Search engines is just winning half battle. The Real Optimization lies in Ranking Your Website to Top of Search Engine Results(SERPS).

Nothing to worry about, Because we Have Article about Complete Search Engine Optimization Tutorials. You Should Read Them and Rank #1 in Search Results.

If Search Consoles Doesn't Know that Your Website exists Than it will Not be Indexed. That's why Manual Submission Takes Place in this Race Click To Tweet

How to Submit your website to Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc)

Its like peace of Cake, Anyone can do this Easily. Let’s Firstly Focus on Google Submission. Watch Neil Patel Guide on How to Submit Your Site to Google Search Console.

Google URL Submission has been Officially discontinued in July 2018. Don’t Worry, The New Way is Much Easy than that by Submitting Sitemap.xml in Google Webmaster tool.

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A sitemap is a File which Contains All the Pages on a website. It’s Commonly is in XML Format. See Our Sitemap Below.

Google XML Sitemap
Generated By Google XML Sitemap WordPress Plugin

As you can See this Particular Sitemap Contains Pages/Posts Links in it

You Can Find Your Sitemap at yourwebsite.com/sitemap.xml. Also, If by Some Issues you are unable to find it, Then Check it in your Robots.txt File at Yourwebsite.com/Robots.txt. Many Times Sitemap is Located in Robots.txt file.

Sitemap in Robots.txt

Don’t Have Sitemap Yet?

Important Note: Your Website Needs to Be Verified by Google Webmaster for This Process. Follow This Guide to Know How to Verify website.

A sitemap is Necessary for Each and Every Website. While in WordPress it’s Easy to Create Sitemap File via SEO Plugins like Yoast SEO, All-in-one SEO, etc. Rather we use Separate Plugin Called “Google XML Sitemap“. For Non-Wordpress or Static Websites “This Free Sitemap Generator Tool” is the Best Option.

Ok Now, you have Sitemap.xml Now let’s Submit it to Google Search Console.

Sitemap Submission to Google

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Guide on How to Submit Sitemap.xml to Google Webmaster Tool.

  1. Go to Search Console

    Sign into Google Webmasters Tool

  2. Select Your Property(Verified Website)

    Select Your Website You Want to Submit your Sitemap.xml to Google.

  3. Click on Sitemap Tab

    Tap on Sitemap on the Left Sidebar

  4. Paste Your Sitemap URL Address.

    Add Your Sitemap URL to The Field.

  5. Click “Submit” Button

    Click on Submit Button and Repeat This Process for Multiple Sitemaps.

Reminder: Only Last Part of Sitemap URL is Required Like if your Sitemap URL is “www.yourdomain.com/sitemap-post.xml”. Then Only “sitemap-post.xml” is Required.

This Video Will Help You For Submitting your Website to Google Search Properly.

Google Have a 65.2% share of Entire web search volume worldwide


Top Free Website Submission Tools

1. Submit Express

SubmitExpress is the Most Used Free Website Submission Tool. You Can Submit Your Website to More than 70+ Top Search Engines which Includes Google Search, Bing, etc. You Can Submit up to 5 URL Every 24hr. Only Main Page(Homepage) is Required and SubmitExpress will Crawl the Whole Website Automatically.

Process of Submission is Easy-to-use, It Just Requires These Details Only-

  1. Website URL
  2. Email Address
  3. Name
  4. Phone Number
  5. Country

SubmitExpress Takes just 1min to Submit your website to Search Engines. Want to Rank High in Search Console? Visit SubmitExpress for more Details.

2. Free Web Submission

Free web submission is also the Second Best Free Website Submission Tool. It is 100% Free and Really Professional tool. It Submits Your Website to Top 50 Search Engines which are Ranked by Moz.com and updates Regularly.

Required Information-

  1. Website URL
  2. Nickname
  3. Email Address
  4. Sitemap (Optional)
  5. Choice of Search Engines to Submit Website.

Yes! you Heard it Right you can Submit Sitemap for Better Results. Because Sitemap Contains vital information about any websites Pages, Posts, etc. I would Suggest you Submit your Sitemap. Also, If you are a Fan of This Tool and want it on your Own Website you can add it in your widget area for 100% Free. Check More Features Now.

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3. Entireweb

Entireweb Directory Submission Tool
Credits: Entireweb

Entireweb is a Free tool for Website Submission. They are serving till 1999 till today. Updates Frequently and their Major Search Engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. Usage is User-Friendly Just Require Website URL and Email.

This is One Stop For Submitting Your Website to Search Consoles. You can Get Track of Your Submissions. Their Customers Count is More than 5 Million. Entireweb Provides Easy Re-submission with Click of a Button. Paid Plans are also available at Cheap prices. Go Check Entireweb for More Information.

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4. AddMe

Addme Website Submission Tool
Credits: AddMe

Addme is a Free Website Submission Tool, In Free Plan, You Can Submit Your Website to 20+ Search Consoles. Which are the High end and Top Quality like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more…

Yes, 20+ Seems less but they are all Most Used in world.

Few Information is Required for Submission –

  1. URL Address
  2. Email Address
  3. Name
  4. Choose Bonus Offers (Optional)

No Doubt Search Engine Crawl Website’s Automatically But This Submission will Speed up the Whole Process and Results are 100% Positive. The Submission just takes 2min Maximum. Remember this you have to fill details accurately for better Results. Lookout the Details on Addme now.

5. SubmitX

SubmitX Best Website Submission Tool
Credits: SubmitX

SubmitX is Top Free Website Submission Online Tool. Its Directory of Search Console is Huge numbered 776+ Submission with Single Time. All of the Popular Search Consoles are in this List. No Doubt it Requires More Information Compared to Other Website Submission Tools in This List.


  1. Website URL
  2. Email Address
  3. Category of your Website
  4. Country & Address (Must)
  5. Keywords & Website Description.

Re-Submission is Recommended For Each Month and it’s Easy to Do it. No Doubt Website Traffic is Increased by Doing this Properly.

NOTE: Some Search Console Website’s Require Email Confirmation due to Spam Reasons. So Fill Information Accurately. The Process Can Take 3-4Min Due to Long List of Submission.

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6. ExciteSubmit

Excitesubmit Free Web Submission Tool
Credits: ExciteSubmit

ExciteSubmit is the Best Free & Popular Website Submission Tool. There Service is Mind Blowing with 1,690 Directories. Submission is Quick and done with just 3 Steps Only Mentioned below.

1 – Fill Website Address (URL).
2 – Click on Submit Button.
3 – Wait till the Process Completes.

Efficient & Live Results after Clicking Submit Now Button. Their Tag line Says “Get it Going” which is Honest and Effortless.

NOTE: Don’t Include “HTTP or”HTTPS” in URL.

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Best Free Ping my links tools
Credits: PingMyLinks

As in Name on this Tool “Ping my Links” Describes that’s this is a Free Tool To Submit your website to Worldwide Search Consoles like Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. It is a Company Linked with ExciteSubmit. PingMyLinks can Submit Your Website to 1683+ Search Directories and Keeps Gaining the List Frequently.

This is a Complete Freebie Tool just Require Sign-up to Give you track of your Submissions and More. This is not just a Website Submission Tool, It’s more than that. Because, You Gets A lot of More Services and Features 100% Free Like Free Website Promotion, Social Share Ping and so on.

No Doubt that Getting Indexed by a Search engine has never been Easy, But Not Now! Yes, You Can Index Your Website Instantly with this Tool.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Enter Website Link.
  2. Click Once on “Submit Now” Button.
  3. Stay on the page till Submission Process.

This is a Multilingual Website and Its Google Safe & Secured by McAfee Security. PingMyLinks has Community to share Links and products for free and many more Features you should Know.

8. SubmitShop

Website Submit Shop Tool
Credits: SubmitShop

SubmitShop is a Simple and Reliable Website Submission Free Tool. There Submission is Super Fast and Shows Instant Results within 48hr. They Provide 100+ Global Search Engine submission Directories and Keeps Updating Daily.


  1. Website Address (MAIN URL)
  2. Website Name (Title)

Yes, That’s True! No Email or Location Details Required. SubmitShop is Search Engine Optimization Service and Provides Lots of Needy Features for example – Free Internet Website Advertising, Web Submission Tips, Unique Website Submission for Free and More.

Furthermore, You can Generate Sitemap.xml & Robot.txt (SEO Optimized) For Free. SubmitShop Provides Free Website Indexing Checker Tool, Meta Tags Analyzer, Bulk DA Checker, Broken Links Checker, etc. For Tons of Amazing Features Visit SubmitShop Now Link Below.

9. Active Search Results

Free Active Search Results Submission
Credits: ASR

ASR is Latest Algorithm for Search Engine Ranking Optimizations. ActiveSearchResults Can Rank your website up in SERPS and Many More Benefits Included. ASR Aims to Rank Website High via Organic Search which is Beneficial a lot and Google Loves Organic Search.

As in Name “Active“, it Ranks Websites Higher if they are active and You are Writing articles, Updating Products, etc.


  1. Website URL (Yourwebsite.com).
  2. Valid Email Address.

Need More Benefits? Just Sign up to keep Track of your website Submission and check when your Site is Going to be Indexed in Search Results.

NOTE: Use Valid URL & Email For Verification and to get Indexed Fast.

10. ExactSeek

Free Website Submission Tool
Credits: ExactSeek

ExciteSeek is a Relevant Search Engine Tool, This Can Submit Any Website to Mostly Every Search Engine Consoles for Free. The Process of Website Submission is Simple and User-friendly.


  1. Website URL.
  2. Email Address.

Bingo! Your Website will Rank Higher in Google Search and Every other Search Engines. The drawback is Its Must to Subscribe to Their Newsletter (Unsubscribe Anytime) While Submission.

ExactSeek Helps 30,000 People Daily for just Website Submission and 500+ millions has done till Today. They Offer Remote Website Submission Tool which you can Add on Your Website Widget Area to Help Your Visitors. Their Paid Plans Offer More Flexibility and Higher Ranking due to Algorithm. Check out More on ExactSeek’s Website (Link Below)

11. SonicRun

SonicRun Search Engine Submission Tool
Credits: SonicRun

Sonic run is an Online Search Engine like Google, Bing, etc. Their Advanced SEO Algorithm is Super User-Friendly. They Provide Free Website Submission Tool which helps you to Get Your Website Indexed on SonicRun Search Engine.


  1. Email Address
  2. Website URL (Main URL Only)
  3. Full Name

It can Take Up to 90 Days to be Indexed in Search Results. The reason is They Check Each URL by Human Verification and other Approval Factors. Because They Hate Spam Website’s as we do too. So it is Necessary to Use Valid Email & URL.

NOTE: Read Website Submission Terms Before Submitting for More Information.

12. Officially.my

Official.my Free URL Submit
Credits: Official.My

Official.My is Freebie Website Submission Service. Search Engine Becomes Highly Popular Way to Submit Website to Search Directories. OfficialMy has Multiple SE Directories, You Don’t Have to Submit One URL to Different Website’s each time. This Tool Can Solve All your Problems with Automatic Website Submission to Various Popular Search Engine Directories.


  1. URL (Valid)
  2. Email Address (Verification Purpose)

Furthermore, You can Generate Free Backlinks with Website Submission. When you Submit Your Website to Search Directories you Get a Unique ID Number to Track Your Submissions. Official.my is User-Friendly and High-Speed Submission with 100% Positive Results.

NOTE: Don’t Submit Website Again within 24hr of the Last Submission.

13. Exalead

Exalead Best Website Submission Tool
Credits: Exalead

Exalead is a Web Search Engine Like DuckDuckGo and Google. Their Algorithm Keeps Getting Update of Website’s in their Database but if you like to speed up the process manually then Their Free Website Submission Tool is For You. Exalead has More than 16 Billion Pages(Updates Daily) till the Year 2000.


  1. Email Address (Valid)
  2. Website Address (URL)

Their Website Submission Approval is Done by Humans and your website has to pass many Factors before getting approved to be indexed in Search Results. It is Necessary to Use Valid Email & URL while Submission.

NOTE: Only Homepage (URL) is Required, Exalead will Crawl Other Pages & Posts Automatically.

14. CleverSubmitter

Clever Submitter is Advanced Free Search Engine Submission Tool with 129+ Popular Search Directories. The Submission Can Take 3-4Min because of More Directories and High Usage. Their Submission Tool is Easy-to-use with Automatic & Manual Submission.


  1. Valid Website URL
  2. Email Address (Verification Purpose)
  3. Captcha (3+6=?)

This is Really Clever because you can Choose Individual Search Directory and uncheck if you don’t want any individual. The process is Easy and Could be Finished within 3min Only.

NOTE: You Should Submit Website to Search Engines After Every 24hr Only.

15. iNeedHits

iNeedHits Top Directory Submission Tool
Credits: iNeedHits

iNeedHits is an SEO Company Serving Since 1996. They Offer Free & Paid Plans and SEO Services. You Need to Create Account on iNeedHits to Use any Free Tool (Which is Easy). In Free Plan, You Can Submit Website to 20+ Directories Only, Paid Plans Can Take You Up to 350+ Submissions.


  1. Website Address (URL)
  2. Name (Title)

Submission Process takes no more than 1min and its Reliable with Positive Results. You can use this Free Site Submission Tool for any Number of Times for Completely Free. Get Your Website Listed in Search Engines Instantly! Don’t Wait! It is 100% Free.


Who Doesn’t Want Shortcut to Rank High or Index website in Search Engines? Everyone! So These Tools Will Help you with Your Needs and Gives You Best Results. Each Tool is Tested by Our Team and Every Tool (Website) in This List is Safe and Reliable. Feel Free to Share Your Thoughts or Queries in Comments Below. We Would Answer them all.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Always wait for 24hr for Re-Submit website to Search Results. Doing This Would Help you More rather than Submitting Non-Stop.

Still, Need Help with Website Submission?

Don’t Panic! We are Here to Help You 24/7 and 100% Free of Cost. Just Contact us or Send Message Below, We Would Love to Help You Personally. Share This With Your Friends!

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Taran Jeet

Easy Google, Bing, Yahoo etc Submissions.
Huge Ammout of Search Directories
Websites Speed
Safe & Secure
Cover Worldwide Search Engines


Well, at First when I Started Doing Research on This Topic, I Thought These Websites Would Not Help in Any Way. But I Gave it a Try and Got Mind Blowing Result Within 48hr. My Website Traffic Got Boosted and Email List start Flooded with New Users. One Must Do This Each 7 Day or At least Once a Day to Submit Website to Search Engines for Free.


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