Ebooks are a great way to learn WordPress in greater detail. With eBooks, you can dig deeper into the functionalities of WordPress and equip yourself with advance knowledge about different aspects of the platform.

If you are just starting out with installing and managing WordPress, here’s a list of our recommended eBooks.

PS: They all come at a price, but it’s never a bad idea to invest in your learning.

WordPress for Beginners 2017: A Visual Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering WordPress

The eBook by Andy Williams aims to teach people how to build a WordPress website from scratch. Even if the users have zero technical or development knowledge, they will gain enough knowledge through this ebook to create and edit their WordPress websites.

Here are some things that you can learn from this eBook.

  • Installing WordPress
  • Setting up WordPress hosting
  • WordPress dashboard overview.
  • Installing WordPress themes
  • Installing WordPress plugins
  • Updating WordPress
  • Detailed guide on WordPress dashboard

Price: $11.99
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WordPress For Dummies

Lisa Sabin Wilson, a renowned WordPress influencer, has written a WordPress eBook for absolute beginners. The eBook will enable you to start your own WordPress website without any help.

Here are some things that you can learn from this eBook.

  • Choosing the best WordPress theme, hosting and plugins for your website.
  • Managing multiple WordPress websites
  • Managing multiple authors for your website
  • An insight into the WordPress dashboard
  • WordPress media management

Price: $17.69
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Step-By-Step WordPress for Beginners: How to Build a Beautiful Website on Your Own Domain from Scratch

As the names suggest, the book starts with the very basic understanding of WordPress. It comes with 29 training videos that elaborate each of the chapters and a custom WordPress theme to get you started with your WordPress website.

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Here are some things that you can learn from this eBook.

  • Purchasing Domain and Hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • Understanding WordPress Dashboard
  • Adding “coming soon” pages

Price: $9.95
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Professional WordPress: Design and Development

The eBook is targeted towards beginner WordPress developers. If you are a beginner, you wouldn’t be able to comprehend the text as the content is a bit advanced. As the title suggests, the book focuses on designing and developing a WordPress website.

Here are some things that you can learn from this eBook.

  • Working with WordPress locally
  • Code overview
  • Managing Data
  • Developing Plugins
  • Installing Multisite Framework

Price: $34.90
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WordPress: The Missing Manual

In this eBook you will find basic tutorials and guides on how to install WordPress on a website. Here are some things that you can learn from this eBook.

  • Choosing the best WordPress hosting
  • Choosing a web address
  • Setting up a WordPress.com account
  • Visiting the WordPress.com Store
  • Adding your first post to your website

Price: $18.48
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WordPress SEO Success: Search Engine Optimization for Your WordPress Website or Blog

The WordPress eBook doesn’t tell you how to create a WordPress website rather it focuses on how to rank your website higher on the search engine by optimizing your website’s WordPress SEO.

Here are some things that you can learn from this eBook.

  • Understanding search engines
  • Strategic SEO
  • On-Page and Of-Page SEO
  • Blogging in detail
  • PPC and advertising

Price: $22.43
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Build Your Own Website: A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS, and WordPress

This WordPress eBook is a fun guide to learn HTML, CSS, and WordPress. The book is an adventure where Kim and her dog go on a quest to learn WordPress.
Here are some things that you can learn from this eBook.

  • Understanding HTML tags
  • Organizing files and folders
  • Setting up stylesheets
  • Creating stylesheets
  • Building WordPress websites
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Price: $15.96
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Build your own WordPress website: An ultimate guide for small business owners

This WordPress eBook teaches how to build a WordPress website with the help of screenshots. You can also create a WordPress website with your business name and logo through this eBook.

Here are some topics that the book covers:

  • Selecting a domain name
  • Choosing the right hosting for your business website
  • Installing WordPress
  • Managing and Strategizing Content
  • Overview of the Platform

Price: $9.99
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Blogger’s Quick Guide to Starting Your First WordPress Blog: A Step-By-Step WordPress Guide for Beginning Bloggers (Volume 3)

The eBook is an ideal solution for bloggers who are looking to start a WordPress blog. It emphasizes on the importance of WordPress and why it is the best platform for your blog.

Here are some topics that the book covers:

  • Difference between Hosting and self-hosted blogs, and which one should you choose
  • Setting up a WordPress blog
  • Overview of the platform
  • Effective blogging strategies
  • WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Price: $9.99
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WordPress: Visual QuickStart Guide

This WordPress eBook walks you through the steps required to install WordPress and set up your first website. Assisted by plenty of screenshots and a clean format, it is a great way to get started with WordPress.

Here are some topics that the book covers:

  • Setting up WordPress
  • Overview of the platform
  • How WordPress works
  • Configuring your account

Price: $31
Download eBook

Choose one and start reading…

Reading WordPress tutorials is a good practice in order to learn about a specific topic of WordPress but books are an all-inclusive approach to dig deeper and get a whole lot of knowledge.

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If I have missed your favorite WordPress eBook, then please mention it in the comments below.

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