What is a blog and how to create your blog, blog topic, and also register the name of the blog, then what is the next most important task? That’s where to host your blog. Blog hosting and choosing a great hosting company confuses most bloggers.

This work is very easy for many bloggers. But for some, choosing the best blog hosting company is a daunting task.
If you are a new blogger and are convinced that where you host your blog. Then today I am going to completely remove your Confusion in this article. After reading this article. You will understand all the things your blog has in the right place and the best server for your blog. So first of all, we know what is blog hosting or web hosting and how it works.

Blog hosting

Just as every person needs a house to live in. And there is some address in the house where the person lives. In order to keep our blog files in the same way. We need web hosting or blog hosting, and wherever our blog is hosted, it also has an address that is called an Internet Protocol in the language of the Internet.

Just like many people live in a house and all those people have only one address. But they all have different names. So that it shows that the Letter is that men.
In the same way, an IP address can have many blogs, but every blog has a different name. Which shows that the person searching on the Internet is looking for that blog of this IP Address. And the hosting server finds that blog and shows that person a particular blog.

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By looking at the infographic below, you will understand this more easily.


Types of Blog hosting

There are many different types of hosting services available in the web hosting world. Which hosting program you have to take depends on your blog and website, what its requirements are. Because the requirements of every blog and website are different. Keep in mind that it is important to choose the right hosting.

Based on the type of hosting and facilities available in it, the cost of hosting is fixed.

So let me tell you about the different types of blog hosting.

Free hosting

How to Earn Money

Free blog hosting, where you do not have to pay any type of payment and you can host your blog or website for free. But there are some limitations of all the free hosting. You can use that free hosting only by staying within its limits.

Although many companies offer free web hosting services, the best free hosting service is Google’s Blogger.com. Blogger’s limitations are also low and facilities are also high.


Free blog hosting is such that staying in a Shelter like that. A lot of people can live in the same room as the Shelter. Also, they do not have to make any payment to stay in that Shelter. You can remain free in that ashram but with fewer features.


These Are Free blog sites There Are More to Go Also If You Want To be Paid Hosting For Free You Can Contact Us We Will Give You Paid Hosting For Free By Ourself (Any Choice)

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Shared Server Hosting

best Blog Hosting Shared Hosting Example
CREDITS – Genxwhosting

To get shared hosting you need to pay something and you are given some facilities in exchange for that payment. If you are just starting your blog and your budget is low. Then the shared hosting plan is good for you.

Limited Storage Space in Shared Hosting Server CPU and RAM. That have to divide all the websites that are hosted in that server.


The shared hosting plan is such that some facilities have been provided in a room like that. But in that room, there are some other people with you and those people are also using all those facilities.

Reseller Hosting

Cheap Reseller Hosting Best Blog Hosting

Facilities at Reseller Hosting are a little higher. Storage Space in Reseller Hosting Server CPU and RAM are also high. And a special feature is that if you want, you can also sell and sell reseller hosting plans. Every buyer gets a separate panel where he hosts his website.


Reseller hosting plan is like floor space. That you have rented, and at that place. You are partitioning your own and giving them money by paying them as per their needs.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Best Blog Hosting

Virtualization technology is used in a virtual private server. In which a Physical server is divided into virtually different parts. Resulting in the same server and the other cannot use the features of the other while staying the website.


The virtual private server is like a building, which has different floors in the building. Despite living in the same building. A person living on a floor cannot use the facilities of the person living on the other floor.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server is the complete server of your hosting, as you wish. You can put any operating system in that server and the whole control is in your hands. You can start the dedicated server whenever you want to shut it or not. When you buy the plans of a dedicated server. You can take more features besides the facilities you are offered. But for that, you have to pay according to those facilities.


Dedicated server hosting is like a rented house. All of which is completely for you, no other person can use that house’s facilities. And if you want you can paint that house according to your own Wish and you can take some different facilities in that house too. But for all those features you will need to make a separate payment.

Great plan for blog hosting

Even after reading this article, still in your mind is the question that where do you host your blog? So my only answer is how many blogs have your needs and how many fun features you want to host your blog. How much is your budget to host your blog, and can your blog be run in free hosting? The answers to all these questions are just and only with you.

I have told you the way through this article that you have to reach the destination only. And you also have to decide that you can reach your destination on foot or you can get your destination through bike, car, bus, and airplane. Want to reach

Cheap Web Hosting in India 2019
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After reading this article, you must have made your plan what you would like to take on hosting. But still, my duty is that I will give you my opinion in fewer words.

If you are starting blogging and you do not even have a budget to run your blog. Then you should use the free web hosting blogger.com Or WordPress. When you feel that your blog needs more features and instead of the features you need. You can spend money so you can buy any plan from any of the hosting plans. As per your blog’s requirements.

To get the answer to the question arising in any kind. Write your question below in the comment box and visit Our Website from time to time to get the answer. If this article is good, then share the shares.

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