AMPforWP is a Most Popular AMP Plugin for WordPress and Providing Best User Experience and Features. The Free Version of AMPforWP Has Lots of Limitations, But We Have Found a Way to Add Sticky Ads in WordPress AMP without any Plugin. Which is also called flying carpet ads.

AMP ads loads faster than normal ads because of the special coding and features especially made for mobile pages. Conor Beck, Director of political news network TownHall Media said in an interview that they experienced 96% decrease in unfilled impression, 90% decrease in page latency and big improvement in load time from 16 seconds to 2-3 seconds.

There are many studies have been conducted in the past. one study shows that more than 80% of publishers are getting higher viewability rates. Also, More than 90% of users said they are experiencing higher Click-Through Rates and better earnings using AMP ads.

Sticky Ads Can Increase Your Adsense or any other Ad Service Earnings. The Reason is Sticky Ads are Always Shown at the bottom of the Page/Post, No Matter if Someone Scroll or Not. You Can Add Any Type of Ad in Sticky Ads Section (Link Ads, Responsive Ads, Image Ads, Fixed Ads and More. Those Who Doesn’t Know About AMP, Click Here- What is Google AMP? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

AMP Sticky Ads Tutorial
Table of Contents

Remember: Maximum Height of Sticky- Ad is 100px. Don’t Increase More Than 100px, Otherwise, Height Would Be 100px and Exceeded Ad Height would Overflow content of Sticky-ad will not show. Furthermore, Width of Sticky-ad is set by using CSS to 100% and it’s unchangeable.

Here is how Sticky-ads look in action:-
amp sticky ads demo


  1. Max-height = 100px
  2. Width = 300px (or 100% – Unchangeable)
  3. Placement = Bottom
  4. Supported Layout = nodisplay(Required)
  5. Opacity = 1 (Unchangeable)
  6. Background Color = Changeable (No Transparent or Semi-Transparent)
  7. Align = Center (In Landscape Mode)
  8. Behavior = Can be Closed/Hide by User
  9. If Ad Not Available = Sticky-ad Container would be hidden
  10. Custom Style = Can Be Customized using CSS
  11. Must cover less than 30% of the display (Google Chrome policy)

Rules and regulations

DFP/AdX Publishers must comply with rules and regulations, Read Amp-sticky-ad Rules at DFP Help page.

Note: Google Officially Recommends not to use Sticky Ads on Pages with Infinite Scroll and Gaming Websites, For Better User Experience.

Introduction of AMP STICKY ADS 1.0

Well, In 2016 Javascript of AMP Had Update and Improved A lot. You Can Read About AMP Here.

How to Add Sticky Ads in AMPforWP or AMP WordPress?

The Process of Adding Sticky Ads in WordPress AMP is Easy, We will Cover Each Step Briefly and Include Screenshots. 

Follow These Steps to add Sticky Ads in AMPforWP:-

1 Step:- Open Your WordPress Dashboard and Click on AMP Plugin Option.

AMPforWP Plugin

2 Step:– Go to AMP Dashboard and Click “Settings” Option, Then Click on “Advanced Settings” option under “Settings” Tab in Sidebar.

AMPforWP Advanced Settings

3 Step:– Copy and Paste this Code in “Enter HTML” in Head Section.

<script async custom-element="amp-sticky-ad" src="https://cdn.ampproject.org/v0/amp-sticky-ad-1.0.js"></script>


amp sticky ad code

4 Step:– After that Paste Your Adsense Code in “Enter HTML” in Body Section. 

<amp-sticky-ad layout="nodisplay"> <amp-ad width="320" height="50" type="adsense" data-ad-client="ca-pub-123456789" data-slot="98765432"> </amp-ad> </amp-sticky-ad>


Sticky ads for amp
For Other Ad Platforms Just Change Type and Data-Slot Like (type=”Doubleclick”).
Don’t Forget to Add Your Adsense Publisher ID and Data-Slot. Leave Everything as it is in this Code.

Note: Create New Adsense Ad of “320” Width and “50” Height. You Can Create Any Kind of Ad and Also Add Responsive Ad Unit.

Well Done, Your Sticky-ads are Properly Added and now Appear on the AMP Post and Pages. We Have Tested This Method on Various Sites and it Works Smoothly.

Top 10 Highest Performing Google AdSense Banner Sizes & Formats for Your WordPress Site

  1. The Medium Rectangle (300×250)
  2. Large Rectangle (336×280)
  3. The Leaderboard (728×90)
  4. Half Page aka Large Skyscraper (300×600)
  5. Large Mobile Banner (320×100)
  6. Mobile Leaderboard (320×50)
  7. Wide Skyscraper (160×600)
  8. Portrait (300×1050)
  9. The Billboard (970×250)
  10. The Square (250×250)

For More Details of Top Performing Adsense Ads Sizes Visit Official Google Guide to Ad Sizes here.

Sticky- Ads A/B testing and optimization Results:-

  1. Does Sticky Ads Increase CTR?

    Yes, Sticky Ads Boost 40-60% Click Through Rate as Compared to Other Ads.

  2. Can AMP Sticky Ads Boost Viewability?

    Absolutely Yes, Sticky Ads Double viewability Up to 200% than Other Ads Placements.

  3. Does Sticky Ads Increase CPM?

    Increases CPM Up to 30-70% Higher compared to other Display Ads(web).

  4. Are Sticky Ads Annoying?

    Sticky Ads Doesn’t Annoy Users, they don’t Roam around in articles. Sticky ads increase user experience because the user gets annoyed by watching ads while reading the article.

*As seen in results from various online platforms results.

RecommendRead How to Declare sticky ads on display in Ad Exchange

Wrapping up

Well, You Have Added Sticky ads(Flying Carpet) in Your AMP Version of Website. You May have Question that is it Safe? Does Adsense Allow Sticky Ads? YES! is the Answer of Your Questions. Sticky Ads are Now Part of Nearly 75% of Websites. Many People Prefer AMPforWP Advanced Ads Add-on, This Method Works Exactly Like that.

Having any Issues or Doubts? Feel Free to Contact us or Comment Below.

Note: The Code Provided in this Article is Officially From AMP Dev (Open Source). We Haven’t Copied Anything from AMPforWP Plugin, We Respect Their Policy and Services.

This is Officially Provided on amp.dev Website and Available for Everyone. Still, If You Prefer 24/7 Support and Automatic Experience then You Should Take a Look at AMPforWP Plugin.

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