Avoid Blogspot: 8 Reasons Why it is Not Good to Build a Website in 2019

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Avoid Blogspot: Previously, when I first started working on web design, I used Blogspot for a while. There are many reasons to use it, including that it is provided by Google, it’s free, it’s simple and fast… and so on, the most important of which Of course, “free” attracts me who has just entered the online world, so Blogger has become the first stepping stone for me to step into the “official website.”

Avoid Blogspot

Under what circumstances would you choose Blogspot as your first website?

Except that you are a beginner on the website, the most important reason, I think you should be the same as me.

That is to use the “free” website, and it is not as annoying as other platforms, is it not beautiful?

It was reasonable to look at such a choice at the time, but time may not be suitable until now.

When you first use Blogspot, you will initially have a subdomain belonging to Blogger, which is “example.blogspot.com”.

All in all, I will suggest you now, if you really want to choose a free website to write your blog, choosing Blogspot is not necessarily a good choice.

Why to Avoid Blogspot as your website:

Issue limit (Avoid Blogspot )

Issue Limit

If you are new to the website, this may have little impact on you. But as you spend more and more time, depending on your industry category, or if you are a corporate company, there will be hundreds of thousands of content per day (news manufacturing?), then This will be a problem.

The reason you would recommend using Blogspot is that it is limited to 100 posts per day, so what if you have more than 100 daily posts?

Yes, I don’t know what to do. Why Avoid Blogspot.

So why do you need to know a restriction at the outset to choose a blog platform that will cause problems in the future?

You have more and better choices, such as WordPress, either WordPress.org or WordPress.com, both of which are good choices for blogs and websites.

Of course, you can also choose to use Medium as the platform to start writing. The advantage of using Medium is that you don’t need to worry about SEO, website speed, website architecture, user experience, etc. If you are not interested in setting up the website, there is not much. The knowledge, just want to concentrate on creating words, then Medium is a good choice.

In short, when you start investing, you have to make decisions with the big picture.

At this point you must understand what your purpose is:

  • Are you creating this website for fun or serious?
  • Do you want to make money or create leisure interest?
  • Do you want to learn to set up a website?
  • Still, need to establish a corporate website?

If you are serious, then it is not a good choice in the long run.

Don’t get me wrong, if you want to choose this platform as a place of interest and creation, that’s fine too. No one will say you are wrong. I just advise you not to spend too much time building websites and content on the Blogspot platform in the long run. There Are Many Reasons to Avoid Blogspot.

If you have the ability, I would suggest that you spend a little money to buy your own domain and your own Hosting Service, if your purpose is to start a business or build a brand of your own (whether it is a personal brand or a grass brand) So), then Blogger won’t be a good choice for a branded website. Instead, you should choose a more liberal WordPress.

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Bad architecture leads to poor rankings

Website Development

I believe that there are many people who think the same thing, that is, since Blogger is a product of Google, the website created by Blogspot will rank better.

I can only say that I was so stupid and naive.

If you have used Blogspot to build a website, you will understand that its website architecture is based on an HTML editor to manage the entire website.

This means that you can’t individually, specifically optimize individual categories, tags, pages, articles, and even optimize your architecture.

It is already more difficult to do SEO in 2019. Why do you choose Blogspot to make yourself more painful?

The most important thing to improve.

The ranking is the website architecture, website content and reverses links. Blogger has already lost a lot of people at the starting point in terms of architecture, not to mention that it is more difficult to do its internal links. It is.

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Unable to establish your website weight

Avoid Blogspot

If you choose the free subdomain provided by Blogspot (the default will be there), then the website you create will have its weight even if the content is excellent.

Everyone who does SEO knows the truth, that is, training the website (domain) is very important.

A domain that has been built for many years and has a lot of weights. Compared with a newly registered domain, the articles published by the two are very valuable for Google in terms of the weight of inclusion, giving new articles, and so on. do not.

So having your own domain is very important for ranking, and having your own domain can represent you as a real brand. So it is Better to Avoid Blogspot.

Remember what we mentioned earlier, do you need to build your own brand?

So, back to the weight of the site, choosing Blogspot is not a good choice because you can hardly get any weight.

Although you will think that you can build your own reputation, you don’t have to have your own domain, but in the same way, few people choose to link to Blogspot’s website. In contrast, if someone wants to link to the articles created on Medium, it will increase their willingness to connect.

In this way, you will lose the chance to get an external link, which is even more detrimental to your ranking.

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You are subject to terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Don’t forget, when you use Blogger, you need to “allow” their terms of use, and I bet you have accepted any terms you have ever accepted.

After all, if you don’t accept it, you can’t use this service.

This means that at some point, the content of your accumulated articles is likely to be deleted overnight.

Think about it, if you accidentally (or deliberately) violate the terms of their terms and conditions, your website will be deleted.

Another way of saying this is that you don’t have control of your website.

The advantage of the domain you buy yourself and the virtual host you buy is that you have complete control over the domain or the website, and you are almost never subject to any restrictions (of course illegal or not).

The purpose of your website is not to control your life and to be your own? If you give control to others, what freedom is it? They Force us to Agree to All the Terms and Conditions. Even if We are not Satisfied with Some. This is Major Reason to Avoid Blogspot and Use WordPress or Medium.

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Ad serving is restricted

Ad Restricted

Whether you’re building a website through WordPress or using Blogspot, you can use these sites to apply for Google Adsense to serve ads, although both are subject to review, applications on Blogger will not be easier to pass.

Even though your site is successfully reviewed by Google Adsense today, Adsense on Blogspot has no more flexibility than WordPress. For those who know how to modify the Blogspot code, it may not be a big problem, but for those who don’t know, WordPress is more flexible and easier to operate.

Note: In August 2016, Google has changed the Google Adsense Terms, so it is now possible to serve more than 3 ad slots on a single page.) – Google Adsense

Also on the board, it’s hard to customize your ad display location.
Blogspot is limited in its flexibility and freedom of website architecture.

This is also related to the fact that SEO architecture is not relevant.

If you are not very familiar with the design of the Blogspot website, it is very difficult to customize the settings.

The hard part is not only that you need to understand the syntax of HTML and CSS3, but also that Blogger has its own code, so you need to learn a programming language.

Seeing this, remember that one of the reasons you chose Blogspot was that apart from being free, are you a website beginner?

So don’t spend too much time on your website, even if it takes time to learn, I tend to suggest that you spend these hours on learning to set up a WordPress site. If you Can’t Earn Then Why Work Hard? That’s Better to Avoid Avoid Blogspot and Use WordPress with Ads.

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.blogspot is becoming synonymous with spam sites

Avoid Blogspot

In the past, the widespread establishment of Web 2.0 sites was a popular grey hat (and even black hat) SEO approach.

Since Blogspot is free, many Grey Hat SEO use it to build a large number of spam sites. Creating a lot of backlinks. Which is one of the simple and free ways to get external links.

In the past, this method was flooded because it was effective. But to this day, this practice has been ineffective or even harmful to the website.

But this is inevitable Blogger is easily seen as the fate of spam.

So, would you still want to use Blogger as your blog platform?

Blogspot, like FeedBurner, is considered spam and spam, but Google doesn’t seem to be able to deprecate them. Expert Bloggers Avoid Blogspot Because of Spammy Websites.

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A custom domain is not so easy

Custom Domain

You may have a question: “Can’t Blogspot customize the domain? So I can’t have the weight of the domain?”

Having said that, there are actually many problems that need to be solved (or problems that cannot be solved).

Although Blogspot now offers the functionality of a custom domain, it has several drawbacks:

  • Unable to use CDN
  • Not good 301 migration site

If you want to customize the domain to Blogspot. Your Domain’s NameServer must point to Google. Which means you can’t use CloudFlare to host your DNS service. So you can’t use CloudFlare’s CDN features and related services.

Finally, when you want to migrate your website. You will find that the post-migration website will need to face a lot of 404 Error problems. That is, it is very difficult for you to use the 301 Redirect redirect method to redirect to the new website from the old Blogspot website URL.

As mentioned earlier, the flaws in Blogspot’s natural architecture make it difficult for you to optimize the process of transferring URLs through code. Especially if the number of articles on the site is quite large.

If you start building a website on your own domain from the start, you won’t encounter these birds at all.

But on the other hand, Blogspot is already free. And at the same time allows us to customize our own URLs for free. This is a feature that will be charged for many blog platforms, so Blogspot is quite good!

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More is a technical issue

SEO Friendly Theme

You know how to improve your website speed. Optimize your website structure, improve internal links, etc. To improve your website rankings. But you can’t easily reach them at Blogspot.

I am not saying “completely impossible“, but it is very difficult to implement. At the same time, it is necessary to achieve a level of 90 or more. It requires a lot of customization to achieve it.

Compared to WordPress, Blogspot hasn’t the option of quick one-click optimization via plug-ins. You Have to Hire Someone to Fix Issues and Make Your Website Looks Good. This is a HUGE Reason Real-Tips Avoid Blogspot.

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My opinion on Blogspot

Although the feeling of criticizing Blogger is worthless, in the end, I still want to tell him good things.

As a free blogging platform, Blogspot is very competent and convinced. It is Better to Avoid Blogspot. Because You Can Do Better in WordPress and Its Easy to Use. Easy to Optimized. Also, Great Themes & Plugins to Fix Problems. You Dont Need to Hire Someone to Fix Any Problems.

The advantage of using Blogger is that you don’t have to manage the host. Because the host is hosted by Google, which means that your website speed and host performance don’t need to worry.

In addition, you can upload a large number of images on Blogspot. You do not need to worry about image compression. Picture space map bed, these are the benefits of using Blogspot directly as a website.

But think about it, do you really need to sacrifice your website weight, traffic, SEO. Even the mastery of the domain and host for virtual host space and image space?

For me, using Blogspot to create a blog or website in 2019 is no longer my primary choice. Now I will choose a more flexible and flexible WordPress site.

Of course, this is my opinion. There are also many websites that use Blogspot and are very well established. Google does not treat the rankings differently because you choose Blogger or WordPress or Medium system platform. As long as your content quality is good and your user experience is good, then no matter which system platform you use, it’s great!

If you want to buy your own domain and virtual hosting space, you can also refer to my previous article. Nowadays, the cost of purchasing a domain and setting up a website is not expensive. In the beginning, you may be thankful for looking back.