5 Best Traffic Exchange Websites

1. EasyHits4u

It is by far the most popular free traffic exchange site. It is regarded one of the top manual traffic exchanges on the web.

EasyHits4u has way over 1,000,000 members and is very easy to use.

It has a fifteen-second timer and 1:1 exchange ratio (100%). There is no limit to earning with EasyHits4u. It helps to increase the number of visitors to your links.

For every site you visit, you get one visitor back to your link.

You can receive 10, 100, or even 1000 free visits per day. If you don’t have time to view sites, you can go for purchasing visits right after signup.

It offers detailed statistics and tracking, 1000+ of images to use, domain filtering, and geo-targeting.

So, there’s every reason to get started with EasyHits4u.

EasyHits4u Traffic Exchange Sites

2. Hitleap

It’s a leading, moreover, the cream of the crop in Autosurf exchanges. It’s a traffic exchange service that delivers free traffic to your website.

Its working is simple.

You are required to submit your website. Watch others’ websites. They will watch yours.

With Hitleap, everything is simple.

You can earn free traffic or buy a traffic package from them. It’s all you have to do to increase your website traffic.

Plus, their Support team is always there to help you out.

You can choose a traffic quality level as per your needs. You can configure Geotargeting and traffic source for the visitors.

The site offers a dynamic timer. You can even change a bunch of options for your surfer. The rate is 0.7.


Hitleap Traffic Exchange Site

3. 10KHits

It is the best traffic exchange to get free website traffic to your site. It offers scalable, on-demand results to webmasters.

It’s a traffic exchange that lets you continuously surf and earns points without any interruptions, or pop-ups.

It’s a well-rounded application with a nimble dashboard.

With 10KHits, you can earn your first points and receive visitors to your site instantly.

With its white label traffic, you can change the traffic source of your hits from default to anonymous, custom, social, or organic.

It is best for traffic resellers and webmasters who want to hide the 10KHits footprint from their clients.

You can even mask traffic so that it looks as if it is coming from a major search engine. It has delivered billions of hits to webmasters over the years.

Lastly, their support team is there for you 24x7x365. Plus, you can access its large knowledge base that features hundreds of articles on search engine optimization, search engine marketing, website performance, and much more. And it’s all free at your disposal.

10KHits Traffic Exchange Website

4. Rank BoostUp

It is another leading traffic exchange sites on the Internet with an advanced set of features of any service. It helps to get quality relevant traffic to your site.

Its advanced platform integrates mobile traffic into the mix which helps you to rank better on mobile devices.

It offers country targeting. You get targeted website traffic from specific countries or geo-regions.

You can choose what keywords you want to rank for, and that will appear on your Analytics dashboard.

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It’s a traffic exchange that offers scalable results.

You can choose how many hits you want per day.

It offers an auto-surf browser that automatically goes through and browses sites on the exchange. It can be left running in the background while you work.

Lastly, its support team is there for you 24 hours a day to answer any questions that you may have on Rank BoostUp.

Rank BoostUp Traffic Exchange Websites

5. TrafficG

It’s another well-known targeted traffic exchange for driving free, guaranteed visitors or traffic to any website of your choice. The best of all, it’s free.

With its traffic exchange system, you are guaranteed a great stream of ever-changing visitors.

It has a 1:1 exchange ratio.

You can promote unlimited sites.

It offers 5 level reward programs.

You can access the best banner exchange on the Internet.

With TrafficG you get a free listing in the TrafficG directory.

You get your own special promotions page.

It supports 38 languages.

There’s Geo-Targeting, Contests, and lots more with TrafficG.

TrafficG Traffic Exchange Sites

That’s all in this presentation on Traffic Exchange and Best Traffic Exchange Sites.

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