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Essential Plugins For Every WordPress Website

Most Popular WordPress Plugins: Do you know which free WordPress plugins are most popular with users? Do you know why these plugins are very popular with users? Knowing the answer to this question can help you understand which plugins you need to install on your site, and which plugins you should not miss.

Most Popular WordPress Plugins

For your WordPress site, the more plugins you use, the more powerful your site is; but it also means that the more bloated, slower, and more vulnerable to vulnerabilities. Therefore, judicious selection of the Most popular WordPress plugins not only makes your site more secure but also makes your site faster and helps improve your site’s ranking in search engine results.

Starting today, Real-Tips introduces 28 of the most popular free WordPress plugins for users. These plugins are all from the WordPress plugin directory, which is safe and reliable and worthy of your choice. Since the official plugin directory data changes from time to time, the plugin described in this article may be slightly different from the ranking when you viewed this article; however, leave him alone, we will start to introduce them to you! So Here are Best Free WordPress Plugins.


List of Most Popular WordPress Plugins

1. Contact Form 7 plugin

The Contact Form 7 plugin can help you create various forms of forms on your website. The plugin has a simple interface and is easy to use. Say goodbye to the history of the previous contact form with only the name, email and content box. This plugin makes your form richer.

Why is the plugin so popular?

Contact Form 7 is not the most robust contact form plugin, but it is the easiest form to use. This is very useful for many users, especially developers because you can let your customers quickly learn to use the plugin.

Alternative – Ninja Forms, WP Forms

2. Jetpack plugin package

Jetpack plugin

Jetpack is not a plug-in for individual functions, but a collection of plug-ins for Paul Vientiane. It provides features, from photo albums, backups, security, to web analytics, and even to mathematical formulas, there is always a feature for you.

Why is this plugin so popular?

The Jetpack plugin package is a plug-in for WordPress parent company Automattic, and its functionality was originally provided to WordPress.com users. This plugin package contains a lot of tools and is very useful. Our WordPress website is also Using This Plugin.

In particular, if your website has just moved from WordPress.com to self-built WordPress, you must be inseparable from this plugin.

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3. Wordfence Security plugin

Wordfence Security Plugin

The Wordfence Security plugin is a secure plugin for protecting your website from various attacks. A website, even if it is frequently updated, will inevitably encounter cyber attacks. Installing this plugin means adding a layer of the firewall to your website that provides many options to protect your website.

Why is the plugin so popular?

Because the plugin is updated frequently to protect your site from the latest attacks, it is often one of the user’s choices. Most importantly, the plugin offers a number of useful options to protect the site, including avoiding manual scanning lights. Moreover, the plugin is very easy to use.

Alternatives: BulletProof Security

4. NextGEN Gallery plugin

NextGEN Gallery Plugin

If WordPress’s own photo album feature doesn’t meet your website’s needs, then you should consider this NextGEN Gallery plugin. Not only does it help you create solid photo albums, but it also handles slideshows (carousels), as well as a variety of styles of photo albums. You can use it to delete and sort images.

Why is the plugin so popular?

When you use the plugin to work with images and albums, you’ll find it even better. For photographers and artists, this plugin makes you feel more professional.

Alternative – Envira Gallery Lite

5. W3 Total Cache plugin

W3 Total Cache Plugin

This plugin will create a cached version of your website that will quickly load the content of the website as visitors enter your site. The plugin includes browser cache, page cache, object cache, database cache, and the ability to compress pages. It offers many features, even for experienced developers, to get everything they want.

Why is the plugin so popular?

Simply put: reliable. Many people’s websites, although different, have been successful with the W3 Total Cache plugin; therefore, the W3 Total Cache plugin is probably the best solution for your website.

Alternative – WP Super Cache

6. All in One SEO Pack plugin package

All in One SEO Pack plugin

This plugin is used for SEO on the website, which is what we often say about SEO. The plugin is easy to use and requires no extra setup. This is the basic version and is free to use; if you need some advanced features, you can also purchase a paid version.

Why is the plugin so popular?

This plugin is simple and everything is automated. Since SEO can improve the ranking of your site in search engine results, there are some basic optimizations for your site that can increase your site visits.

Alternative – Yoast SEO

7. Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields Plugin

This plugin can be used to create custom fields, it comes with many different field options. For the average user, this plugin basically meets all the requirements of your custom fields. The types of fields it provides include basic texts such as plain text, email, passwords, and advanced tools such as visual editors, file uploads, and color pickers, etc.

Why is the plugin so popular?

The vast majority of websites’ requirements for field types are beyond the scope of this plugin. The plugin is easy to use and reliable. If you need to find a custom field management plugin that is simple and convenient, it is it.

Alternative – Pods Framework

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8. Regenerate Thumbnails plugin

Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin

After your WordPress site has generated a thumbnail of the image, the plugin can resize and regenerate the thumbnail. For example, when you change the theme or style, you need different sizes of image thumbnails. This plugin can help you with the rest of the work.

Why is the plugin so popular?

The Regenerate Thumbnails plugin is simple; but if you need this feature, then the plugin is useful. This is a handy tool, but it can be closed and deleted when you run out of it; of course, if you are a photography or photo site, and often upload a large number of images, it is still necessary to keep. The List of Top WordPress Plugins are Way too Best.

Alternative – reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced

9. WP Super Cache plugin

WP Super Cache Plugin

The WP Super Cache super cache plugin uses a browser cache to speed up the site. It provides a variety of caching mechanisms, including mod_rewrite to generate HTML copies of your website, maximizing your website speed. If your website traffic is often high, it is necessary to use this plugin.

You can also use this plugin to clean up older cached files, which are no longer needed and can be used to reduce the load on the server.

Why is the plugin so popular?

All of this plugin is popular because it works fine on most websites. However, many users find that their websites are not compatible with WP Super Cache and switch to other plugins.

Due to the different WordPress installation methods and host environments of different websites, incompatibility is inevitable. Therefore, we recommend that you test with the same test site as the production site environment before you officially install it on the production site.

Alternatives: WP Fastest Cache, Cache Enabler

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10. Duplicate Post

Duplicate Post WordPress

One of the main features of the Duplicate Post plugin is to copy your articles, regardless of whether the file is in the draft, awaiting review, or has been released.

This plugin is very useful when you want to update an article, but you can’t let the article go offline (because the offline will affect the ranking of the site). In addition, this plugin is also very useful during the editing and layout of complex websites.

Why is the plugin so popular?

If you don’t have these requirements, then you don’t need to install this plugin. But if you need to copy the article, then this plugin is very useful. Absolutely very convenient.

Alternative – Duplicator

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11. WooCommerce plugin

WooCommerce Plugin

With the WooCommcerce plugin, you can quickly create a very professional online store. The plugin not only has its own features, but also a lot of plugins that can be used as extensions, so it basically covers the needs of all e-commerce sites you can think of. Backed by the technical staff of the WordPress team, WooCommerce is definitely a new choice.

Most of these extensions were developed by WooCommerce community users, so you can find almost everything you need for your e-commerce site. Of course, this is also a disadvantage of WooCommerce, because you may need a lot of plugins to get the functionality you need.

Why is the plugin so popular?

The WooCommerce plugin is very popular because it is very professional and very reliable, but it is free to use. It provides a lot of features you need, such as inheriting a lot of popular payment gateways.

Alternative – Check This Article

12. Google Analytics for WordPress plugin

Google Analytics For WordPress

This plugin helps you quickly install Google Analytics code to see how your site is accessed. This plugin is easy to install and use, providing the basic functionality most users need.

Note that Google Analytics is powerful, but for domestic users, using Google Analytics code directly can slow down website access. The reason you know. However, for major foreign trade websites and foreign language websites, you must not miss Google Analytics.

Why is the plugin so popular?

Using the plugin to view website visits is very simple. This can be done in the console of your WordPress site.

Alternative – WP Google Analytics Events

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13. Google XML Sitemaps plugin

Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

Google XML Sitemaps is a plugin for creating XML site maps that allow search engines to discover your site as early as possible. When your site publishes new articles and new pages, it notifies the search engine to crawl.

Why is the plugin so popular?

The plugin is simple and reliable and is a plug-in for foreign trade websites. Google XML Sitemap is the Most Popular WordPress Plugins.

Alternative – All in One SEO, Yoast SEO

14. Really Simple CAPTCHA Plugin

Really Simple CAPTCHA Plugin

This is a captcha plugin that provides a simple function for your website form (login, message bar, etc.), adding a CAPTCHA captcha.

The plugin adds an extra field to your form to verify that the user is a real visitor or a bot that blocks a lot of rating comments and spam. While this may also confuse real visitors, a message must be filled in every time a message is posted; but for sites that have a lot of spam comments every day, this is the last resort.

Why is the plugin so popular?

The CAPTCHA verification code can effectively reduce the number of spam comments for the webmaster. This plugin can be used directly on the WordPress site, as well as other free form plugins, such as the Contact Form 7 we mentioned earlier.

Alternative – Google Captcha, Login No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA

15. WordPress Importer plugin

WordPress Importer Plugin

The WordPress Importer plugin is a plugin for transferring the content of your website. You can export the content of an existing WordPress site and then import it into a new WordPress site; you can also import site content from other blogging platforms.

Why is the plugin so popular?

This is a useful plugin for users who need to import and export website content; otherwise, you don’t need to install this plugin.

Alternative – Product Import/Export for WooCommerce, All in One WP Migration

16. Akismet plugin

Akismet Plugin

The Akismet plugin is a plugin developed by the WordPress team to effectively reduce spam comments on the WordPress website. The plugin works in the background, so after installing the plugin, it silently protects your site in the background, and even you may forget it.

Our WordPress website is currently using the Akismet anti-spam plugin.

Why is the plugin so popular?

The plugin works reliably, keeping your site free from spam comments. Too small to say, spam comments are annoying, so that the comments on your website articles cannot be read; to say big, spam comments can lead to many serious attacks, including DDoS, XSS and XML-RPC attacks. You know why this plugin is so popular with users.

Alternative – Antispam Bee

17. TinyMCE Advanced plugin

TinyMCE Advanced Plugin

The TinyMCE editor is a visual editor for editing articles in the WordPress administration backend, allowing you to quickly edit articles and pages.

This plugin is an advanced version that can activate some advanced features, such as creating a table; giving you more choices, such as creating different lists and setting the style of the list. These don’t require you to know CSS and you can rent it.

Why is the plugin so popular?

Creating content is a core feature of the WordPress site. This plugin makes it easier to create content. This plugin is especially useful for many non-developers and users who create websites for their customers.

Alternative – TinyMCE Clear

18. WP-PageNavi plugin

WP-PageNavi Plugin

The WP-PageNavi plugin adds a beautiful pagination navigation button at the bottom of your blog page so that site visitors can easily browse the site. Remove the WordPress default older (earlier article) and Newer (newer article) navigation, the WP-PageNavi plugin uses pagination numbers and arrows to navigate the site content.

Why is the plugin so popular?

Advanced navigation is not a luxury for modern websites, but a necessity. Almost all top companies use this type of navigation because the user experience is very important and good navigation can prevent visitors from leaving your site. Anything that makes it easier for visitors to browse the site is what you should do.

Alternative – WP-Paginate

19. Page Builder plugin

Page Builder Plugin

This plugin allows you to layout layouts of web pages without writing code. It uses the basic WordPress interface, so it’s easy to get started and create different styles of website pages.

Why is the plugin so popular?

With this plugin, you can create functional web pages without programming, which is very simple. For users who don’t have a programming foundation, just drag and drop the elements to the right place, which is simply too attractive.

Alternative- Elementor Page Builder

20. Disable Comments Plugin

Disable Comments Plugin

As we said above, spam comments are not only an annoying thing for websites, but they also make your website very dangerous. Unlike plugins that block spam comments, this plugin allows you to turn off the commenting feature of your site directly.

Why is the plugin so popular?

Although this plugin is not suitable for all websites, it does reduce the spam of the website. Especially when you are ready to use a third-party commenting system, this plugin is very useful, it directly closes the comment function that comes with WordPress, so spam comments can’t pass. Are You Finding Useful Plugins in This Most Popular WordPress Plugins List?

Alternative – Read This Article

21. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP plugin

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

The Google Analytics Dashboard for WP plugin is the second link recommended here for Google Analytics and your WordPress site plugin, which displays Google Analytics data in the background of your site. You can view basic access to the site, including access threads, sources, and some advanced features such as visitor speed and user information.

Why is the plugin so popular?

Most of the features you need from Google Analytics can be viewed through the plugin in the WordPress backend. The plugin is not only convenient but also feature rich. For most users, you basically don’t need to go into the Google Analytics backend.

Alternative – Analytify Google Analytics Dashboard

22. TinyMCE Widget Plugin

TinyMCE Widget Plugin

With this plugin, you can add a visual editor (WYSIWYG editor) to your widget (gadgets, widgets). With this plugin, you no longer need to write code in the widget.

Why is the plugin so popular?

This plugin makes it super easy to add rich text content to gadgets. It simplifies the steps of adding content so you can’t help but want to give it a perfect score.

Alternative – Enhanced Text Widget

23. UpdraftPlus plugin

Updraft Plus Plugin

The UpdraftPlus plugin is a full-featured backup plugin that handles website recovery operations. You can store backups made in multiple locations, or you can set up regular backups.

Why is the plugin so popular?

This plugin provides all the features needed for backup and is free. This Plugin Can Also Works Automatically. Just Set Schedule Timer and The Backup will be Automatically Started and Sent to Your Desired Place. (Must have WordPress Plugins 2019)

Alternative – BackUpWordPress, BackWPUp

24. iThemes Security plugin

iThemes Security

iThemes is a powerful security plugin that features regular scanning of websites, log in for dual authentication, password security, and several other options. The plugin is easy to install and easy to use; however, some advanced features need to be used with care to avoid affecting your site.

The plugin has full warnings and documentation to help you with the plugin.

Why it is Best Free WordPress Plugin?

This plugin includes all the features you need to secure your website. Some features require a fee to use, such as the website backup feature.

Alternatives: WordFence, BulletProof Security

25. Clef Two-Factor Authentication Plugin

Clef Two Factor Authentication

With this plugin, you can replace your username and password and use a more secure way to log in to your site. The plugin provides faster, more protected logins via phone sync.

Why is the plugin so popular?

Security and user experience are the highest priority for most websites that require visitors to log in. Because there is no guarantee of these two, the visitor’s personal information is in danger of being leaked. The Clef dual authentication plugin solves both of these problems and allows you to log in quickly even if the visitor forgets the password. The plugin is not very dependent on any third party service, it is safe, reliable, simple and fast, so it is very popular.

Alternatives – SecSign, Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

26. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Smush Image Optimization Plugin

Smush is a Award Winning Plugin. It Can Easily Optimize, Resize, optimise and compress all of your Media images Automatically with the Huge powerful and 100% Completely free WordPress image Optimizer/smusher, Made By WPMU.

Why is the plugin so popular?

Images Plays Huge Role in Search Engine Optimization and Website Performance. Smush is The Best Plugin To Fix All Your Image Related Issues. Loaded with Tons of Features 100% Free. (Lossless Compression, Lazy Loader, Bulk Smush, Image Resizing, Detect Incorrect Image Size, Automated Optimization, Directory Smush & Many More). Well It is One Stop For Image Optimization of Any Type of Images (PNG, JPEG, GIF FILES ETC). This is The Most Popular WordPress Plugins. This is Best Free WordPress Plugins.

Alternatives: EWWW Image Optimizer, reSmush.it

27. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

P3 Plugin Profiler Plugin

This Plugin is Amazing & Really Helpful For WordPress. It Can Easily Find Poor Coded Plugins, Which Slows Website Performance. This Plugin Scans All Your Plugins & Website and Creates a Chart of Load Time of Each Plugin.

Why is the plugin so popular?

Well, People Often Use Many Plugins and Can’t Find Problems Which are Slowing Down Site’s Load Time. This Plugin is Soo Powerful and Fast. We Can Easily Know the Culprit Plugin & Fix Its Configuration or Find Alternatives. You Don’t Have to Disable Plugins One by One to Check Website Performance. P3 Plugin Profiler Can Do it Within Seconds.

Alternative – WordPress Inspector, Query Monitor

28. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link checker

This Plugin is Really Handy Tool. This Can Find Any Broken or Non Working Links (Internal & External) in Our Website. Easy-to-use, Just Install and Active. It’s Completely Automatic and Works Fast without Causing any Issues in Performance. It Notify You Via Email and WordPress Notification if any Broken Link is Been Detected. You Can Easily Change That Link Without Going to That Post or Page.

Why is the plugin so popular?

This Plugin is a Must For Every WordPress Website. Because, No one Knows When Any Link Got Broken. This is Great Plugin. This is Popular Plugin Because it Can Also Notify You if Any Image, Links in Comments or Custom Fields is Broken/Missing. You Can Change Those Links or Unlink (If Link is Added on Text) or Delete Those Links From Posts or Pages with One Click. There are Many More Features You will Love to Use. Essential Plugins For Every WordPress Website.

Alternative – Broken Link Manager

in conclusion

In the past few articles, we have introduced 28 Best free WordPress plugins that are most popular with users. These plugins are based on the downloads of all plugins in the WordPress plugin directory, which is arguably the most widely used of the 28 plugins. We hope that this article will bring you some convenience by using WordPress to build a website.

Which of these 28 plugins are you using? What are your favorite ones? Users are welcome to communicate with us through comments, you can rate this article.

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