20 Useful iPhone Tips You Might Not Know

Hey guys in today’s Article I am Going to Share iPhone Security Tips and Settings You Must Change Right Away. Complete iPhone Settings Guide 2019 & Tested on iOS 12.2 Stay With The Article and Learn More.

Security and data protection on your iOS device now with all the recent Graykey box hacks and other machines that cycle through passcodes in order to get your data and hack into your devices.

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GreyKey Box iPhone Unlocker

These types of platforms are being sold to government agencies to unlock iPhones as I mentioned cycling through passcodes and a lot of these are using the vulnerabilities that prevent iOS from detecting this type of stuff from happening of course but Apple has taken other measures within iOS 11.4 to stop some of these types of infiltrations to devices and in this Article I also wanted to share with you guys and help you guys protect yourself even further with some of the security features built into iOS to prevent any data from being stolen from your device. Cool iPhone Features.

I think there are Many features within iOS that a lot of people may or may not know about and Below is one of those Features and Tips to Secure iPhone From Hackers, that I am going to share with you guys.

Hopefully, you all enjoy the Article and if you found it helpful and Worthy Share This With Your Friends and Family. So No One Could be Hacked Ever.

20 iPhone Settings You Should Change Now (Secure iPhone) 2019

iPhone Settings

There are so many little settings that you probably don’t know about, but really should. They might have to do with security or privacy or are just Daily Life useful. So today we’re going to go over 16 settings in iOS that you should really change right away.


We can start off with some privacy settings because I think those are pretty important. The first one will stop Apple from tracking your behavior and using it to advertise to you.

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(Settings>>Privacy>>then at the bottom, Advertising>>Enable the option that says “Limit Ad Tracking”.)

iPhone Limit ad Tracking

2. Another setting you should disable

(Settings>>Privacy>>Analytics>>disable “Share iPhone Analytics”)

iPhone Settings 2019

3. Next, here’s another really big one that you should disable.

(Settings>>Privacy>>Location Services>>System Services>>Disable Location-Based Apple Ads)

Stop iPhone Tacking

4. Location Icon in Status Bar

This is A Good One For Those Who have Too Many Apps and Fond of Installing New Apps Daily. Some Apps Track Your Location Without Even Asking To Know About That Enable Status Bar Icon

(Settings>>Privacy>>System Settings>> Enable Status Bar Icon)

iPhone Location Settings

5. Product Improvements (Privacy)

if you scroll down you’ll see a section called “product improvement”. Again, I Would Suggest disabled all of these. if you don’t want Apple using your Data & information for anything.

(Settings>>Privacy>>System Settings>>Disable all Settings under Product Improvements)

iPhone Privacy Settings

6. This one is pretty great.

(Settings>>iTunes and App Store>>Disable In-App Rating and Reviews)

Speed up iPhone

7. Stop Video Autoplay

This Setting is Best to improve iPhone Speed While In App Store or in Browser. Called “Video Autoplay”

(Settings>>iTunes and App Store>>Disable Video Autoplay)

Stop Video Autoplay in iPhone

You can still always click videos to play them manually, which is the way it should be in my point of view.

8. Privacy When Locked!

You might not realize this, but by default, a lot of your data can be accessed right from the lock screen, without your phone being locked. Fix This by:

(Settings>>Touch ID and Passcode>>Allow access when Locked>>Disable Things You Should Not Want to Show in Notification When iPhone is Locked)

Secure iPhone

For example, you may not want anyone to be able to return a missed call while iPhone is Locked. Or, say you have a smart lock for your door or something, you probably want to disable “Home Control” so no one can unlock your door from the lock screen. But a really big one is Siri. Yes, Siri can do a lot of Things, and you may not want people to be able to access it from the lock screen. Apple has actually improved it so you need to type in your passcode to access most sensitive data, like your emails. But for some things, like asking about your most recent call, it will still show anyone without a passcode. So unless you use Siri a lot from the lock screen, Real-Tips Suggest to keep it Off/disabled on Lock Screen.

9. Two Factor Authentication (Easily)

This setting has to do with two-factor authentication. This is a Must Thing to Do in iPhone. There Are Many Other Ways Too But Follow This Easy iPhone Settings.

(Settings>>Click Your Name top of Apple ID, iCloud & iTunes>>Password and Security>>Enable Two-Factor Authentication)

iPhone Two Factor Authentication

Whenever you want to log into your Apple account from a new device, you’ll need to enter a second code that’s either sent to your phone number or can be shown on one of your iOS devices. This is great for a number of reasons. We will Discuss it Later I am Trying to Make This Article Shorter(Ask in Comments)

10. For Maximum Security, Enable The Recovery Key Option.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You’re given one when you sign up for it, but if you choose, you can make it. So the only option would be your recovery key. Only it can be used to reset your password. Not even an Apple support/Service person could do it. Obviously, if you do that, DO NOT LOSE THE KEY. Make several copies of it, store it in a safe place, like with your passport or Somewhere Offline, because if you lose it and forget your password, There are Higher Chance that your Apple account permanently Lost without that recovery key.

11. Auto-Lock Setters (Must)

This is Funny One But Effective Thing to Do in Your iPhone’s Display and Brightness Settings:

(Settings>>Display and Brightness>>Auto Lock>>The Lowest Time You Set, the More Secure You iPhone will be)

iPhone Auto Lock Settings

The Thing it Will Do is When You Don’t Touch Your Phone or Put Somewhere Without Locking it. It Would Take The Amount Which You set to Auto Lock. This Could be Annoying For Reader’s Sometimes in Few Apps. But it is Effective And Must To do in Your iPhone or iPad. Well, let’s Say Set it to 1 Minute. Then The Screen Will Dim After 50 Seconds Before it Locks. Just to Save iPhone Battery Life. I Mean If You Set it to 30 Seconds And Reading Something. It Will Dim After Every 20 Seconds if You Doesn’t Touch it Again. It Depends on People to People What Kind of Things They Do in Their iPhone. But Don’t Use Max Time. It Will Drains Your Battery Really Fast.

12. Night Shift (Best For Eyes)

Moving Forward This is What I Did When I Bought An iPhone. Best For Evening to Night Time Users. Also, For Eyes of The Kids and You too. This Feature in iPhone & iPad is Called “Night Shift”

(Settings>>Display and Brightness>>Night Shift)

iPhone Night Shift

This feature allows you to change the color of the screen for the night so it’s safer for your eyes and making it a bit warmer. This Cuts the blue light from the screen, which is also known to disrupt people’s sleep. We recommend to set it on max and Trust me, you Really won’t even Know the difference after Few Minutes. Because your eyes will get used to it, but it helps a lot. And You Can Schedule it To Automatically Change It’s Settings on sunrise to sunset, So You Don’t Have to Do it Daily.

2019 UPDATE – You Can Now Change it Via Swipe up Menu. Simply Hold The Brightness Bar And Click on Night Shift”

iPhone Dark Mode

13. Secure With “Send Last Location”

The Next Features We Must Enable is Called “Send Last Location”.

(Settings>>Click on Apple ID>>iCloud>>Find my Phone>>Enable Send the Last Location)

Find Lost iPhone 2019

This Feature is Really Helpful For A lot Of People. If You Enable it And Whenever You Battery is Extremely Low or About to Die. Your iPhone will Send Its Location to Your Apple ID. If By Mistake You Put Your Phone in Car or Somewhere else and Suddenly It Shuts Down Due to Low Battery. You Can Find it Easily Just By Your Apple/iCloud Account.

14. Hide iPhone Apps Without Jailbreak.

This Feature is by Default available in iPhone and Roughly 40% of People Doesn’t even know about it. So They Jailbreak iPhone and That’s illegal. Better Way to do is:

(Settings>>Screen Time>>Content and Privacy Restrictions>>Allowed Apps>>Disable The Apps You Want)

Hide iPhone Apps 2019

For Example, Wallet, If Your Kids Use Your iPhone And You Don’t Want Them to Do Something By Mistake You Can Easily Disable it and it will Be hidden From Every End. Till You Enable it. Follow Next iPhone Settings.

15. Limit The Time of An App to Be Used.

Again For Kids. But Also, For Punctual Person. You Can Set The Time And It Will Display in Notification Bar like “5 Minutes Left” That’s Great For Kids Who Plays Games in the Time of Study or Sleep. To Do This Simply Follow These Steps:

(Settings>>Screen Time>>App Limit>>Add Limit>>Select Category>>Set Time>>Click Add)

iPhone Settings

You Can Also Schedule it Like How Much Time This App Should Be Used in Particular Day. And The app Will Not Work Again After The Time Limit.

16. Stay Away From iPhone

Yes, I Named it This But It’s Called “Downtime” To Make Your Life Easier. To Do This in iPhone or iPad:

(Settings>>Screen Time>>Down Time>> Enable it>>Set Start to End Time)

iPhone Downtime

This is Great Feature For Office Person And If You Are Doing Something You Should Do and You Are Just Wasting Time on Mobile. Also, For Kids Again. I Think Apple Focus More on Kids These Days. That’s Better. The Notification is Amazing. The Whole Screen Becomes White and Then it Notifies You. You Can Ignore it Or Tell It to Remind Me After 15 Minutes.


UPDATE 2019: You Can Also Set Password For Screen Time. Like When Time Expires You Have to Fill Password Which is different From Main Password. By Password, You can Allow More 15 Minutes or Ignore Screen Time Notification.

17. Never Use 4 Digit Passcode.

Because A Hacker Can Easily Crack This 4 Digit Passcode (He Just Have To Try Only 10000 Possible Combination To Unlock Your Device) Rather Use 6 Digit Long Passcode. (iPhone Settings)

(Settings>>Passcode>>Change Passcode)

Best iPhone Passcode

The More Digits You Choose The More Secure Your iPhone Would be From Hackers.

18. Hide Control Center When Locked

Control center is super handy to have quick access to apps such as the calculator or the torch but it will also allow any thieves or hackers to turn on airplane mode without the need to be unlocked.

blocking the phone signal and internet connection. Which in turn will stop you from tracking your iPhone. Fix This:

(Settings>Touch ID and Passcode>and turn off Control Center)

iPhone Control Centre Settings

19. Why & How To Use Find my Phone.

Speaking of tracking your phone make sure you have to Find My iPhone turned on:

(Settings>>Apple ID>>iCloud>>Enable Find my Phone)

Find My iPhone

With this, you can track your iPhone down using another iOs device or web browser and hopefully helping the authorities retrieve your iPhone and catch the thieves via this app.

20. Secure Personal Data in iPhone From Hackers.

If you ever lose your device if you ever get hacked without even knowing it then hopefully this tip that I’m gonna share with you guys today will help you protect your data a little better than what it is now.

(Settings>>Touch ID and Passcode>>Enable Erase Data at Bottom)

iPhone Security Setting

So right here after 10 passcode attempts or face ID attempts the device will automatically erase all data from the device after 10 attempts now always keep this on because you really never know who is attempting to get into your device and as I mentioned all these new techniques of machines cycling this through passcodes then this can potentially be an option that can help protect your personal data and keep hackers away from your data.

The device itself will detect something wrong is going on and it would automatically delete and wipe out every date after 10 attempts.

The one thing you do need to keep in mind is you better make sure that you remember your passcode and if you do have touch ID your face ID enabled that no one else is trying to take advantage of that and trying to log in or maybe a kid trying to constantly try to get into face ID or touch ID and accidentally delete your device but I think it’s a really good option to help protect your data for any intrusion from anybody trying to get in with any of the latest hack in techniques.

Update: Always Make Sure Your Device is Backed up in iCloud (Turn Sync On) Just As a Safety Tip.

Backup iPhone without pc

Notification & Lock Screen Example In iPhone

iPhone Notification
Lock iPhone Apps

That’s it for Today Guys Hope You Enjoyed This Article. Let Me Know in Comments Below Have You Learned Anything New? Or Do You Know Anything More? Which Can Help People? Share With Us. Like it. Thanks For Reading Till End. If You Had Any Issue With Your Device and It’s in Warranty. I Would Suggest You Go to Apple Support ASAP.

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